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  1. In my previous thread I outline the series of events, you can read through this link: click here Long story short: 2016 I get a rhinoplasty / septoplasty with a highly rated Dr in Melbourne 2017 a year later my deviated septum is still an issue, I come onto these forums for advice and I'm recommended to get a revision by the same surgeon. The surgeon is particularly well known for revisions. I pay for the revision surgery. 2020 Jan 8th I go to an allergist about breathing problems, thinking the reason I still can't breathe from my right nostril is allergies. I learn that
  2. An update a few years on, I found out even with the revision surgery I have a deviated septum again. I'm not really sure what to do here :S
  3. oh wow, I'd be interested to see how they look as they D&F, they look really good already.
  4. No set date yet, but I'm hoping in the next 1-2 years! Just need to lose a little more weight first
  5. I would say most people don't have accounts, I lurked on this forum for a long time before I started posting.
  6. I can't help at all, but I'm curious! Why are you after the gap? To me, yours look FANTASTIC and are actually the exact look I want to go for. If you don't mind sharing what was your size pre-op and how many ccs did you go for?
  7. I drink a ton of water, and I eat very well at the moment (fitness focus at the moment). I have to admit I am a tummy sleeper, I'm willing to try anything so I'll definitely invest in a pillow case! Yeah I'm looking for something more procedural, I know there's the option of eye lift but I'd rather not go down that route while in my 20s. I'm not very educated on things like lazer or what not, so aside from creams I'm not sure what my options are.
  8. I'm in my young 20s and the lines under my eyes are starting to get really deep, I know this is heredity so I'm starting to look at options but I'm really lost. I moisturize and concentrate on the area multiple times a day & apply Vaseline but nothing is helping. It's really ruining makeup looks because putting even light makeup on totally exaggerates it. I've been told Botox would help relax the muscles around my eyes, but the issue is that the creases are very prominent regardless of whether I'm squinting or not. Does anyone have any guidance or procedures I could look into to help
  9. Just an update on this many months on, this forum was a great resource to me so I know it will help someone else, I'm very happy with my nose after the revision. I've had no issue and with the swelling gone down it looks fantastic, looking at my old photos I didn't even realise how bad it was before. My surgeon was very accommodating and it was clear that it's important to him that I was happy with my result, for the revision I believe I was only charged a small fee (comparatively to the initial operation) to cover the hospital and anesthetic. I've had quite a few people message me about
  10. Scarring is a big concern of mine when planning to get a breast augmentation, and I'm a little confused why there are different ways to insert the implant and why? I can see that a scar under the breast fold in the most common, are there any advantages to this method as opposed to through the armpit? I'd really like to avoid any scars whatsoever, so I really would prefer to find a surgeon who inserts the implant through the armpit, but I was wondering if there's a reason that more girls don't do this?
  11. I think you husband may be a little misinformed in the same way a lot of men think you get "botox" injected into your lips to make them bigger. You only notice when certain procedures are done badly, he may be pleasantly surprised after it's done. Assure him it's not permanent and it's a way for you to express yourself, lip fillers are temporary and if it's REALLY an issue you can just as easily have them dissolved the next week.
  12. Your nose is actually so lovely front-on. Size-wise my nose looked a lot like yours before I had mine done, though I had a deviated septum so it was just slightly skewed to one side. My biggest issue was also the size, my surgeon gave me a very realistic expectation of how much projection could realistically be taken off without compromising the integrity of the nose. I have the SLIGHTEST slope in my bridge now which helps reduce the projection, and have also reduced the size of the tip and turned it a little upwards...though I wouldn't recommend you go through any type of surgery at all if yo
  13. Just an update on anyone who was following this thread, I've since had the revision and am very happy with the results. Apparently a little bit of fat was added to my nose during the first procedure (where I was a unweight), having since gained weight since then it caused the fat to grow quite a lot in my nose. It explains a lot, my nose looked liked the swelling never went down, which makes sense because over the year as the swelling was supposed to go down it was counteracted by gaining weight. Since the revision I've being able to breathe perfectly again, and I'm much happier with the resul
  14. I'm really interested to see how yours D&F. What did Dr Cooter say when you expressed your concerns/did you show him pictures beforehand?
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