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  1. My headlights are hardly ever on... but some of my boob is still numb... like completely numb
  2. I'm living in my pink panache maternity bra lol... i should note i have no children it was just the only wireless bra i could get in my size (14G) lol If not... i'm in sports bras and 'ahh' bras lmao.
  3. i cracked up laughing reading this Minimel!! lol
  4. torpedo boobs dominate your look for the first week or two...
  5. Lol cherry blossom - I totally laughed at the 'WANT THEM TO FEEL IT' - that's so true!
  6. My sport bra does a lot of pushing for me too..
  7. Totally busted out singing 'all the single ladies' reading this btw... lol I'm a single lady!
  8. NICE!!!! I have the same shock... 12HH or 14G lol I'm DYING for mine to get soft... lol When i hug people hello i get really self-conscious that they might feel how hard they are...
  9. Babe you look freaking amazing!
  10. i was approached by a girl who said i look quite natural... I'm going to have to upload a pic.. I have male friends who know i got them done but are shocked at how incognito I look hahaahahahah So i think it depends on whether u went under or over.. and how u style. I don't plan on telling them unless they ask.. it's none of their business anyway and if they feel real who cares? lol
  11. Hey BT - my PS said to wait until 6 weeks... I think Lozz is right, depends on the surgeon...
  12. I rediscovered V-necks... I had a couple sitting in my dresser and pulled them out the other day and omg... SO HAPPY. Also in terms of 'clubbing' dresses, I got some which were obviously stretchy material (back in the day) which now look like a million bucks on. Dangerous curves galore!! Don't get me started on gym clothes... i LOVE how the gym tops make the girls sit. <3
  13. yeah i can't lay on my tummy and doing side-planks feels weird... and lifting weights over my head too... lol mine are still kind of numb so i accidentally bump them sometimes hahahaha I'm such a ditz.
  14. I came across this... http://dbusted.com.au/ =)
  15. What i found is my height (and I noticed is similar to your height! Mrs B and Lozz!) works against me!! lol I went into a store that i know stocks minkpink - because I love their going out dresses, they have stretch and I was able to salvage HEAPS of those i already own because of it. I tried on some dresses and man, they LOOK FREAKING AMAZING for clubbing - not so much for Court lol I was in Cue yesterday and scored a really awesome dress and two tops as well but I had to try on the entire store before finding something that did up on my boobs. Lozz, I was so greatful I salvaged my favourite leather dress (skater cut)... it looks stunning now! I think is mainly due to the fact I used to wear really padded bras so... you know I shopped accordingly! lol Minimal, I hear you! I have a boobtube dress which now looks rocking and doesn't fall down at the boobs! lol I totally need to invest in bandage dresses Mrs B!! Any good online places??
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