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  1. Hi, First time poster here! I am 26 years old, 174cm with Tuberous Breasts - less than an A cup currently. I have been extremely self conscious about the size and shape of my breasts for years. I have only just been officially diagnosed with Tuberous Breasts and was initially really upset but now I'm feeling relived to finally have a diagnosis. I had a consultation with Dr Luke Stradwick on the Gold Coast and he has suggested 295-370cc tear drop implants placed under the muscle. My only issue is that I have not had kids yet and would like to in the next few years. My chances of being able to breastfeed anyway aren't great but I won't know until it happens. Is there anyone who has been in the same position? Does breastfeeding after an augmention/reconstruction ruin the look of your new boobs?? Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!
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