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  1. Thanks ladies! I couldn't wait until the weekend was over to call haha I am way too excited now
  2. Hello ladies-Harwood ladies, I desperately want to know the waiting list for Dr Harwood. How long between consultation and surgery. Dr. Harwood sounds like a dream come true. I want to see for myself! Alana xxx
  3. Hello ladies and Dr. Harwood girls! I am desperately pondering about the waiting list for Dr. Harwood!? All you post op or pre op girls-how long between consultation and surgery? Alana xxxx
  4. How do you know what size to wear ahhhhh?! Im in Feb but its so good reading upcoming surgeries and how you all prepare x
  5. Ohhhh Rosie I missed your posts just then haha, I think you'll be getting bigger twins then you thought ;p wooooo
  6. For those that are new, and are considering Furry's and PIAC, I have copied and pasted my received email from lovely Helen regarding the current status of Furry's at PIAC: Dear Alana * I understand and am aware that you have been in contact with another client regarding PU implants. After much deliberation over the polyurethane issue and stock control in Thailand, PIAC have decided that we will no longer be offering the polyurethane implants. However, this being said, PIAC does have limited stock available of the PU implants. Currently we have the 325cc and 345cc tear drop high profile PU implants available for you. We would also not require you to pay a deposit of 5,000 Thai Baht for each implant. We are also discounting the price of the PU implants to 130,000 Thai Baht. * With this new ruling there are some conditions: * ยท******** PIAC will not be responsible should during the consultation the 325cc or the 345cc is not what you desire or is not recommended for your body type. Should this implant not be suitable for you we cannot guarantee additional stock of the PU implants. You would have to forego your surgery or choose a cohesive gel textured implant (the most common choice of implant worldwide) at no liability to PIAC. * Please let me know how you are willing to proceed, thank you kindly. * Best Regards * Helen Peachey Foreign Coordinator Phuket International Aesthetic Center If all goes to plan I will be having two options of 325cc and 345cc high profile Furry's which are in stock. Thanks for transferring threads Lois, much easier this way.
  7. Jordan I have soooooo many boobspiration pictures, all that have a really full lower pole which I unfortunately don't have. I'm a bit nervous about my incision being lower to enable my lower pole to fill out eeeekkkk. There is NOTHING wrong with Botox, it is a growing treatment which has this horrible stigma attached to it, I want some on my forehead too and also MAYBE in my lips let's definitely go together, I also want some microdermabrasion too haha might as well! Im keeping my options open, even though Dr. Veerawat has recommended anatomical furrys I can always go round cohesive gel if all else fails, but PU implants are definitely favored. Jordan I don't think you have anything to worry about by the sounds of it you have a beautiful B to fill out (very spacious haha) your already one step ahead, what ever you choose will look perfect, and always listen to your gut x
  8. I'm researching Botox, PIAC does it I'm pretty sure, I might kill two birds with one stone unders because I don't have much breast tissue x
  9. Natural, 100% natural baby! I'm getting teardrop! High profile, apparently high profile is much more suitable for those with a narrow chest which I have. I don't wear bras, like ever really haha so I wanted the most natural looking breasts that I can pull off without having to restrict them. I have left the anatomical cohesive implants as another option to furrys just incase Dr. Veerawat changes his mind in sizing in our face to face consultation and prefers a different size to the Furrys I have requested. I am thrilled about the price drop, it means more money for post op care and also maybe some Botox the price is quoted the same as yours. I feel completely comfortable with my decision and believe whole heartedly that I am in safe hands. Would be great to have you in Thailand the same time as each other for support hahaha
  10. Helen said they have the 325 and 345 in stock with high projection so im presuming that's there at PIAC now. I'm not too sure though. I'm 47-49kg about 155cm (really don't know exactly ha) and an 8A x
  11. Rose, I received the same email as you regarding the implants, I feel a lot better now I am still continuing my order with the two sizes (325 and 345). I have always favored under the muscle so I think you should would you consider cohesive gel implants if 325 was too big for your frame? Alana
  12. I have ordered 325cc 4.4 projection and 345cc with 4.6 projection which apparently have to be shipped in. I have emailed regarding sizes. I am concerned as to whether the negative feedback is from the surgeons experience or the PU implants themselves.
  13. I have just written an email to PIAC (Helen) asking for specifics. I would like a discounted prices too so strange though, has anyone else received this email? X
  14. WHAT! I NEVER GOT THIS! I just got an email with their bank details attached. Does this mean we are the last to have PU implants? And why? I am so suss.
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