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    Hoping to get a breast lift and tummy tuck within the next month. Developing really fast as a teenager, and 3 kids later, the front part of my body just isnt what it should be, so *crosses fingers* hoping to get it put right.
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    Dr Mark Lee
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    158cm, 58kg, 12C/14B

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  1. Hi Sydneymum so glad to be in touch with you again, it was awesome going through all of this with you a year ago, your support then was amazing, and thank you for that again! My main exercise is running, I do a bit on the bike as well, and here and there a bit of weights, oh and dabbled with some yoga on the xbox for a while as well. Running is very addictive, if I had been told that a year ago I would have laughed it off, but now if I don't run I get very antsy ha ha, like a drug addict. My husband which has never done a stitch of exercise has now started feeling guilty and wants to join me
  2. I seem to have a problem with my old pics, I have tried to reload them as well, if anyone else if having a problem viewing them, let me know and I will try again. Maybe the universe wants them to disappear as well lol
  3. Thanks for all the replies, Taniya I was not out to lose weight, I lost about 3 kg after the surgery, and as I started running the extra weight came off. With regards to my tummy the weight loss has made no difference, but it has made a difference to my boobs as they have shrieked and sagged a bit but still 100 % better than they were, and one of the reasons I will have implants later on. Tho strange I have always had a really full C cup and don't really like big boobs, so I am enjoying the smaller ones, also because I had bigger breasts I could never wear push bra's which I now do and love
  4. Wow, I cant believe a year has gone passed since this life changing event, but before I get ahead of myself let me start at the beginning… Today a year ago I faced what was to be my most dreamed of situation, but also the most terrifying. All my life I had dreamed of perky boobs and a flat stomach, which no amount of exercise was prepared to give to me. On the other hand, I had heard dreadful stories, been warned of everything that could go wrong, the pain etc etc, but the decision had been made and I decided to follow my gut and do something for myself come what may. So into hospital I
  5. I turned 40 last year, and it was my birthday present to myself. Still have many years ahead of me, and I wanted to feel better about myself, and want to enjoy it while I can. Best thing I ever did.
  6. Congrats Kimmie, and good luck for the rest of the recovery.
  7. Hi jenlt I looked at Mac credit, but their interest rate is really high, if you want to go the loan option, look at getting a personal loan through your bank, you'll get a better rate.
  8. I used the Kelocote, and my scar was looking fantastic, ran out over the xmas break, and used bio oil during the time, my scar did not get worse, but dit not continue to improve either, so I started using Kelocote 2 weeks ago again, and my scar has definately improved again. I am definately going to continue using Kelocote.
  9. Hi staceymjm I had those same feelings, was soo worried, hubby made me do a list of all our accounts and passwords everything so that I would know that everything would be taken care. Looking back now I think I was so silly, but we are allowed to have our fears as well. I think it is just the way society has made us women become paranoid, we dont look good (magazines) but when we try to then we are vain etc etc. I'm 40 now, so I waited a long time, also thinking of the kids, and I need to do things for them first and typical mom put everything on the back burner and led countless years of
  10. Well done on coping so well mmj84. Good luck for tomorrow bellabelly.
  11. Hi miz lisa That can be very common according to my ps. To combat that he lipo'd by hips to create a more realistic look.
  12. Welcome kimmie and Kb2904 I had my TT and BL with lipo in Oct, and never looked back, best thing I ever did. It is cheaper doing it all together, I know in my case the surgeon also gives you a discount if you do 2 or more procedures together, and of course anaesthetic is only once as is the hospital stay. My youngest was 4, and it was still difficult in the beginning as he wanted to be picked up, but he got used to it pretty quickly and now never asks to be picked up - he became a big boy in that time You will definately have a belly button, it stays in the same position, with the
  13. Hi there I am now 3 months post op, and still get those pains, they come and go. I remember reading in one of the posts that those are just the nerves mending again.
  14. *waves* hi all, welcome Marie, great to hear you have a date, hope its marked on the calender with a big red ring I've started getting some swelling again, so I'm back to wearing my binder everyday. Can agree with the mirror, never wanted to look at it, now admiring myself all the time - so funny, but it does look great after all these years. Running everyday, but want to get into some abwork to define, but still a bit hesitant. Think I will look at it more closely again in the new year. Take care everyone
  15. I had my surgery with Dr Lee, and I am extremely happy and of course would recommend him, but at the end of the day, do your research and go with the Dr you feel most comfortable with.
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