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  1. Hi Everyone, could you please let me know when you started back at the gym. Had TT on 5th August thankyou
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    Hi everyone just wanted to see if anyone could help me I had a breast lift on the 5th August and I have feeling in my left nipple like its so sensitive have to wear a nursing pad because its way to irritating but my right one has no feeling at all. Thanks
  3. Sam I hope it hasn't happened to you I thought about taking something as I still haven't gone and was worried
  4. Hi everyone feeling a little tired around lunch time but other than that I am feeling great LOL Ok not to great. Thanks everyone for all your replies I wish you all the best
  5. Thanks orangevegie it's always nice to hear from other people. SamD I've just been looking at your profile You have had your surgery done I'm glad everything is going well for you
  6. Hi Everyone well I had my tummy tuck and breast lift on Monday all went well I'm so proud of myself as I had no pain killers at all just some panadols. I have a few questions 1. Is it normal for my belly skin to feel funny to touch ? 2. Where my drains were they have not been leaking at all had a little like the size of a 5cent 3. Swelling my belly is really big if so how long did it take to go down. 4. How long did you now drive for ? thanks for your help
  7. Hey Sam all the very best with your op i have mine done on the 5th August and i'm a little bit scared ok alot scared.... It's time for all your dreams and wishes good luck and i will be thinking of you
  8. Thank you ladies I'm going to see him next week so I will let you know
  9. Hi everyone sorry for the delay have been overseas. Im a 16DD with a large frame so I am a little worried about taking that much I'm going to fill a bag with 600mls and look in the mirror to see what I think I will let you know. :-)
  10. Hi everyone Just wanted to see if anyone can help me. I am having a breast lift and the doctor is talking About taking 600mls out now that sounds a lot to me. Just wanted to see if anyone could help my ba size is a DD-E nowThanks
  11. Hi I just wanted to see if anyone has been operated on by Dr Peter Hayward in Penrith ?.
  12. I went and seen 2 doctors Dr Hayward was my first one then one at Bella vista... I felt so comfortable with the first one and i felt like a paycheque with the other... i thought if i booked in now i would kick my owe bum to get the rest of the weight off i am never going to be a size 12 but i can cope with a nice 14 big difference from a 22. A big Thank you for you comments
  13. Hi Everyone i have just booked in to have my Tummy tuck and Breast lift on the 5th August with Dr Hayward... Not really sure how i'm feeling about it right now.. Don't get me wrong i'm really happy about getting it done. Have left it till later in the year because i would really like 5-10 kg gone. I have lost 45kg up to date...
  14. Sydneymum I am so happy for you. Glad everything is great and I love hearing how your journey is going and that you love it
  15. Hi Sydneymum Bared to you is a great book her second book came out on Tuesday. Ope your well and excited about Monday can't wait to hear how you go.
  16. Good luck labgirl.. Can't wait o hear all about it
  17. Good luck babyoven! Can't wait to hear how you go
  18. Hi just wanted to know if anyone as used or knows of Dr peter hayward plastic surgeon and Dr Kourosh Tavakoli thank you for your help.
  19. Hi just wanted to know if anyone as used or knows of Dr peter hayward plastic surgeon and Dr Kourosh Tavakoli thank you for your help.
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