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  1. I appreciate all feedback and everyone is entitled to give me their opinions . I've made an appointment to see dr broadhurst in September. BoobieJ did you apply for finance through them?
  2. Are yours quite soft Abevemi? thats a big thing for me also. I have heard of the tear drop roasting, thats why i was looking at the Brazilians because they stick into place. Maybe I'm better off getting rounds to ease my mind about rotation. Im having a consult with Broardhurst in september. Hopefully he has a few suggestions for me :). You ladies have been a real help, thanks so much. keep you all posted
  3. Yes I definitely want to see someone who doesn't have a bias opinion about 1 particular implant. I hadn't really considered round implants, do they look quiet natural in the dual plane pocket Suziet?
  4. Wholly doolly! That's intense. My friend had the round Brazilians and ended up with capsular contracture after a year. Mind you it was her 5th BA. Dr Fleming only does Polyurethane coated implants :(. Ive been doing more searching, has anyone had dr Andrew broadhurst? Hid before and afters look pretty good! Also can I get an estimate on what you ladies paid?
  5. Thanks ladies, I took the plunge and I've finally booked into see Dr tansley who works with dr Fleming. Just to get some info on the Brazilian implants. Seeing all these surgeons is going to be expensive ?. Did anyone use finance or bank loans? I've picked the wrong time to want to get my boobs done. I'm a full time nursing student with no job- so hard to find one!
  6. This is my first post! I used to have boobs, until I had kids, they sucked them into nothing. I am a 10a if I'm lucky. I haven't much breast tissue, especially at the top- it's just ribs and a nipple! I have done tons of research on implant shapes, filling, exterior coatings, under/above or dual plane placement. I was looking at the furry Brazilians, but I've heard they are hard? I really want soft natural (preferably anatomical shaped) looking breasts. I'm really super unsure now. Plus my friend has had 7, yes 7, augmentations. So where I go and who I see is important and I do realise this is ultimately my decision. I guess I'm asking for everyone's best experiences and who they were with.
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