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    Hello, just wondering if someone could give me an estimate as to how much liposuction to the; inner knee, outer thigh, inner thigh, full stomach, and triceps would cost. Thanks so much!
  2. Hello, just wondering if anyone has had great experience with any doctors in Brisbane in regards to lipo? I have been in contact with Ashbury Cosmetics, as I have seen their before and after gallery and was impressed. Does anyone recommend them, or any other clinics. Thank you for your time. Nasrin.
  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone has had liposuction at Ashbury Cosmetics? Would you recommend a specific Dr? And what were your results like? Also, I have issues in the past knowing my weight/ being weighed in front of people- strange I know- just wondering if at anytime you have to be weighed (ie before surgery) am I able to tell them why weight to save myself the embarrassment. Thank you you for your time Nasrin
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