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    Dr Dona 7.11.2016
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  1. I was exactly like you I had a few cries just quietly lol but I think for me I started to get more movement around three weeks and my nerve pain has finally gone yay!! I also drive a manual so I know how you feel. I sat in my driveway just testing out changing the gears to make sure I was ready again. The pain was bearable so I was happy to put up with it. Definitely don't push yourself if you don't feel 100%. It's all about time playing the waiting game (frustrating I know) but it does get better as the days go by
  2. Your sisters are right. Just listen to your body and see how you're feeling. You'll stress yourself out otherwise. I felt bad taking the week off aswell but you don't want to be in pain and not feel 100% just because you feel like you're letting your work down. We have to be a little selfish sometimes lol Each day gets better so take it slowly. x
  3. I went back to work a week after my surgery. I have unders so mine were still quite high and swollen. Throughout the Monday my shoulders and back were sore from hunching over the desk because mine were still feeling quite tight but by Wednesday I was able to sit my shoulders back a bit more so I wasn't so hunched over. I work in a small office so everyone knew about my surgery and everyone was really helpful as I couldn't stretch my arms out or up so if I needed something up on a shelf someone would come help me. My nickname for that week was T. rex lol. Being week 3 now I'm much better a lot more movement and I can lift my higher I just have the constant burning nerve pain on the left side but that is slowly starting to calm down. I'd say the first day back at work will be the hardest but I was glad to be off the pain meds and out of the house. And if you have someone who knows about your surgery that can help you too it makes it easier. I Also drive a manual so that was the hardest for me. I only just started driving to work this week. I was getting lifts the first week. Hope everyone's recovering well x
  4. I'm only 1 week po and I have the exact same thing. It feels like a burning sensation every time I move my left arm. When I went to see the nurse I asked her and she said it was to do with the nerves so I started searching on different forums and one lady mentioned that she used muscle relief ?? So I'm thinking of buying Voltaren tablets to see if that helps... because I am left handed it's really becoming a struggle, on top of the tightness and sore back...Just have to stay positive ☺️ It'll be worth it down the track
  5. @Skye5 yeah I've tried that I think I might just try avoid taking the endone and just take the panadine I'm also going to try drinking great tea lol I haven't eaten much so I'm hoping things will get going soon. I'm just st the Drs now waiting to get checked to find out if I'm over reacting about these burning pains. Thanks for the tips
  6. Thanks @TT@09 I've been drinking so much water I'll try greentea as well. My post op appointment isn't until Monday but I'm experiencing this sharp burning pain around the incision area on my left boob. I called the nurse on Wednesday and she said it was normal but now it's to the point where I can barely move. I don't want to call up and seem like I'm over reactiving but at the same time I'm a little bit worried about it. I feel it on the right side too but it isn't as intense as the left. Is anyone else experiencing these shooting pains ??
  7. Hi there I noticed you had your ba done a few days ago, I also had mine done just on Monday. I was just wondering how your recovery is going . I'm finding going the the bathroom a bit of an issue I've taken so many laxatives but it's not working are your really bloated from the pain meds as well ?? Thanks Lore
  8. Hey Pheonix, I've only had one consult with Dr Dona, as I'm such an indesisive person I thought that was the best way to go, but I've noticed a lot of women have recommended getting a second opionion so I was considering Dr Tavakoli as well. Dr Dona was great and very knowledgable so I booked my BA for November but like Dr Choy I'm struggling to find many others who've seen him. Do you mind me asking who the other Dr was that you saw and no longer decided to go with ?
  9. Yeah I think I'll get another opinion .Dr Tavakoli organises his consults through his nurses so I may as well. Im only new and still getting used to the website but once I figure out how to send requests I'll send one ☺️ Thanks so much
  10. Hey MissJulie, I'm quite petite 153cm and 48kg but all my weight is on my bum and thighs and I'm barely and Acup so I just want something natural that's going to make my body more in proportion. Dr Dona suggested either 295cc or 320cc anatomical.
  11. Thanks sparkles16. I've been trying to find other women who have seen Dr Dona and haven't been successful, although all his reviews are great, I was just wondering if i should get a second opinion just to be super sure. But thanks so much for your response Good luck with everything
  12. I've only had one consultation with Dr Eddy Dona and I've booked myself in for November. But now I'm wondering if I should get another Drs opinion. I was looking at reviews and Dr Tavakoli has really good feedback. Dr Dona has great reviews as well but I can't seem to find anyone that's had him as a surgeon ?? Should I get an other opinion ? Or stick with my first choice ?? ???
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