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  1. He didn’t stipulate it’s from body pump he just said avoid anything at all to do with chest excercises.
  2. Hi ladies, well I went to my PS today and he was quick to see me and out the door so fast. We had a chat with my concerns and said to totally avoid chest excercise ( which I knew to begin with) he said they looked great but a slight separation and i need to see him in 1 years time. His secretary took some pics of me. so, no more body pump for me ? I’ll stick to yoga/Pilates and lower body workouts. hope everyone is doing well?
  3. Sept 4 I have appt with my PS i think it’s a good idea so he can asses me and advise me what to do...and not to do thanks ladies ?
  4. Thanks ladies I’ll call him tomorrow
  5. Thanks for all your replies ladies. in have been feeling like this only this week. what bra do you sleep in at night? I sleep with a Crop top, wondering if I should sleep with a tighter one. i think I’ll avoid my favorite class body pump and avoid anything that involves chest excercises and I’ll give my PS a call
  6. I avoid chest at the gym however I do body pump and some excercise in that class is using the chest area I have Rounds under the muscle
  7. Hi all, my BA is 2 years and I feel like they are separating in the middle shifting on the sides called side boobs, any one else feeling the same?
  8. Hi, need to purchase a girdle as recommended by my dr, need suggestions of where to purchase?
  9. Yes your second look very good, thanks for sharing @Chinchilla my PS said they will last for 15/30 years so fingers and toes crossed! Take care of your baby boobies x
  10. Oh wow @Chinchilla so sorry to hear that! Did you have over or under the muscle implants?
  11. Different PS give out different opinions due to under or over the muscle implants. I suggest we listen to them.
  12. Ok thanks @Wanting boobs congrats I’m 1.5years post op.
  13. Do you avoid chest excercises? my ps told me to avoid them as it will cause separation in the implants to shift out further, so when I do body pump I do a different excercise. how about everyone else ?
  14. Thanks ladies I wear a crop top from Kmart just to be comfy.
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