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    BA 460cc mod plus textured, dual plane
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    7th dec
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    172cm, 59kg, currently 10c

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  1. Hey Oakley!! Your pictures are amazing! I will be so happy if mine turn out like yours! My BA is booked for 13 December with dr h. I have my consult on the 12 oct so I'm not too sure what size I wil be getting yet.. I'm keen on getting the Brazilian implants. Under muscle, crease incision, hoping for hp or xhp but guess will depend on size etc. it is just so helpful to have all you girls to chat to on here.. It makes everything so much less nerve racking and your experiences are valuable! I'm currently 23yo, 59kg, 172cm, empty c cup hoping for full D - DD. hope you don't mind if I ask you a few questions in the next couple of weeks post my consult :) xx

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