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    7th dec
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    172cm, 59kg, currently 10c

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  1. I'm from bris but go to the Gold Coast and have found a great place! Didn't realise that there were more good ones closer to home!
  2. That's great news chinchilla!!! I have just recently got botox in forehead, frown and filler in cheeks!! I love it!!! Am contemplating lips next... Yours look fantastic!!!
  3. Hey I have an experienced RN who I go through botox and fillers he is fantastic! I think it all comes down to experience. I guess it's the same issue as cosmetic surgeon vs plastic surgeon when getting Ba.
  4. Hey amber highly recommend him! I'm now roughly 2 months PO, Gold Coast hospital was also great nurses are lovely couldn't be happier! Also very happy with dr richardsons after care too. Feel free to pm me with any questions
  5. Hey new me. Try and take it easy, you may be able to handle the pain well but it's the other complications like bleeding/haematoma or pulled sutures. It must be hard with an 11 month old however if you can try and pick him/her up from a sitting position if you have to. All the best x
  6. Blonde

    Size! HELLP!!

    Hey Jen, dr Richardson is fantastic I had surgery with him about 7 weeks ago maybe ask if they is an in between size? There might not be one in the surgery room as they couldn't possible carry all the different sizes and types of imams as there are too many but as kiddi said try apt he rice sizers and go from there wat are you measurements? X
  7. Blonde

    10G anyone

    Hey Kate I'm also am a 10 G. I have found the pleasure state bras quite comfortable. I did also purchase a 12F and put it on the tightest setting.
  8. Hey Shelleym, yay!! It's so exciting once you have had your consult and you are happy with your surgeon!! Congrats!! It is so hard choosing a size ! As lozz said try the rice sizers :-) I found they are a good indication of what they will look like under clothes. It is also good if you know the specs of your 2 preffered implants so you can make them precisely. My stats are similar to yours 172cm and 59kg. I had 460cc mod plus implanted and they are perfect!! I would say go the bigger size ! When are you booked in for surgery? Good luck on your journey!
  9. Hey Lexie will medicare or private health cover it the 2nd time round?
  10. Hey nicnac :-) so glad you were happy with your PS consult. I would have also been devastated and appalled at the first initial consult !! I originally went to see a cosmetic surgeon who told me I should also leave my breasts the way they were (I'm 23 yo, 172cm, 59kg and pre surgery was a c cup) so quite simple straight forward BA I thought and he said no?! I went to see a PS, no dramas and loving my 10F's!! It really pays to see a few different surgeons, but just sucks that you had to encounter the first one that way. All the best x
  11. sorry to hear Lexie. Can you get another opinion from a different PS? Does dr terrasit offer any sort of money back or redo?
  12. Hey olive/lexie, I have also heard that warm water/saline allows the wound to heal much faster than cold water. Did they recommend a different dressing if you think you may be allergic to one you are using ? There's so many different types around and lots of different opinions/research!
  13. Hey Lexie, sorry to hear this. I agree with the other girls that your o/s surgeon is just giving you worst case scenario.. Keep up the antibiotics, drink plenty of water, vitamins and an inner health plus tablet. Did they recommend to keep it covered to prevent infection at all? If so can you use a silver based dx to prevent infection too? Many wounds are left to heal once they have become opened and it is great that you have got onto it early. Keep an eye on that you don't get a temperature, your wound isn't red/warm or oozing.. If so you may need to return to The hospital to get some intravenous ab's. I remember when I got bitten by dog in my hand through the muscle and they cleaned it out and left it to heal as an open wound as was on oral ab's and all fine now. I know it is different to your surgical wound but you will be okay I'm sure there are many different options to keep the implant in and they would have admitted you into hospital if hey were very concerned. All the best and will keep following your story xoxo
  14. That's not good :-( hope you get some more relief from painkillers. I found the Valium great as it helped with the muscles and sleep. As em suggested keep up the ice packs it really does make the world of difference! After day 4 you will start feeling a lot better. X
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