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    BA - enlargement.
    BA goal - natural looking, good slope, lower pole fullness, natural amount of upper pole fullness.
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    Surgery 10 September 2016
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    169cm, 63kg (about 2 years ago I was almost 90kg!)
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    Wife, mother, student, professional occupation
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    My family, my children, walking, gym classes, cooking

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  1. Ah ok, I’ve a warranty card that says 330g. Either way, they’re soft and lovely!!
  2. I have the Natrelle, I really do think that they are as soft as young plump breasts!! I can even sleep flat on my tummy no issues. Natrelle are measured in g not CC, mine are 330g.
  3. Thanks for sharing your journey @TheFox. I'm so glad that you're feeling well, being positive etc. I look forward to following your journey.
  4. @Kaleidoscope_Eyes I still think mine are too big as well! Even though they're not all that "big" in CC or profile .. 330g Allergen Natrelle Moderate. I've found bras that fit well and don't enhance the size, and I def don't were any type of padding either. I still haven't come across a sports bra that doesn't make me look and round and all "push up". I hope the chat with your surgeon goes well. Perhaps go shopping for comfy minimising bras? A cheaper alternative to revision.
  5. Bra size def increased after BA. Clothes still fit, some styles firmer through the bust.
  6. I wouldn't say anything. If it comes up in the future talk about it then.
  7. Exciting! Congratulations! Very thoughtful to do photo journey too 🙂
  8. I have 330g round Natrelle brand moderate profile. I could def go bigger and still look natural, but I still think mine are too big 😂 The only time I look like I have augmented boobs is in sports bras. We do tend to overthink size. I'm a minority, that is the minority wanting slightly smaller!
  9. I think everyone goes through their own version of pre-op anxiety. I almost cancelled my surgery. Having to travel interstate is probably adding to your anxiety. Remember why you are doing it. Carry a picture of your current boobs and look at it when you start getting anxious .. that should help reassure yourself 😂
  10. About 9mpo and I also still wear my PO for sleeping. I've a mix of Kmart Target and Big W seamless crops too. Comfy.
  11. At the time of my BA my kids were 2 and 4 .. I was able to get paid help during weekdays for about 4 weeks and husband was helpful, but before my BA I did a whole lot of organising .. chopped veggies, a month of meal plans, pre cooked meals etc. I was super organised and needed to be ...my husband is good in most areas but not so good at family meals 😂 Paid help wound down as time went on but pretty sure she was still helping at week 4 post op .. helping included cleaning .. vacuuming esp. We're all different, healing etc. you really just need to take each few days st a time and allow your husband/help to do it their way.
  12. Look on Insta or FB for Distinctive Features, the lady who owns the business is quite amazing.
  13. Booklet

    Handbag help

    @LaurenT I can't quite remember, about $350 ... maybe a wee bit more. It was under $400. @Chinchilla that's great pricing for Chloe bags, the saddle bags Look good and last forever so a great buy!
  14. Booklet

    Handbag help

    @Win Oroton are good quality, and priced well, as mentioned in other posts, Oroton is always having some sort of sale or check out outlet shopping. I've had a few Mimco bags over the years, but to be honest I haven't been into a Mimco shop for ages, years even! The style isn't me anymore. In early Dec last year I should have bought a bag which was reduced by 70% at Miu Miu at Chadstone, but I didn't want to part with my $. Every day I regret not buying it! I soooo should have bought the bag! A few weeks ago Coach had a 50% off sale, so I bought a new tote/shoulder bag. I couldn't decide between Furla or Coach. I went with Coach because of the soft leather. This was at Gold Coast Harbourtown. Net a Porter and The Outnet often have well priced bags ... and other designer stuff. My sister only shops at the above. She has two Chloe bags, a large saddle and a small saddle, both she got for a good price. David Jones also have regular sales on designer stuff .. perhaps sign up for emails? They also have great incentives for card holders ... 😂 Oh and another luxe but affordable option is TDE (The Daily Edited) ... their clutches are grwat. Lots of choice at TDE.
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