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    Lift and BA
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    Dr Boonchai 3 DEC 12

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  1. that's awesome! I think I will unfortunately need a lift as well ....good boobs are far too pricey! lol
  2. Hi Girls!! I am just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on surgeons for breast revision surgery in Brisbane / Gold Coast at decent prices? I had dual plane implants put in Thailand 4 years ago, there are terrrriblee and only getting worse! I believe I will need them removed, a lift and new implants. Any advise would be a massive help! So scary getting them done again when the first time didn't work out Thanks
  3. Hi girls! BoobieJ may I please ask what it end up costing you?? I need mine done ASAP. Happy you like your results woohoo!
  4. Thanks great news Mum05! I am leaving tomorrow and have my surgery Tuesday with Boonchai! I am having a small panic attack lol. I was also recommended a lift and I only want a BA. If you don't mind me asking, what size where you before? and how do they look now?? So happy for you and hubby this post has eased a bit of my worry
  5. Hey Missbella I've also sent through a FR Congrats!
  6. Same buggy_mck Hope you don't mind. Thank gosh for this forum I'm already feeling so much more at ease.
  7. I'm have been recommended - ''A breast lift, vertical-scar technique, with round silicone gel textured implants sized between 200-300cc.'' - I am also worried about scarring, especially with this particular technique :/ I am staying at Centra Ashlee Patong Phuket, and yourself?
  8. ps - what kind of procedure are you having for your lift??
  9. Hi Laurzz How exciting for you!! Are you getting nervous yet? I'm still deciding on how many CCs to have. If you don't mind I would love to hear from you when you are home and have had everything done.
  10. Hey ladies Just wondering if anyone has heard of or has dealt with Dr Boonchai? There is little info about him on the net and I'm basically at the last stage before I lock it all in for a Lift and BA in December 2012 but I'm just not 110% sure! I am booking through Somino and they have said he has performed ''about 90 breast procedures, maybe more''.. that doesn't seem like a lot? Any advice or info would be much appreciated
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