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  1. I have heard good things about Dr William Mooney (Bondi Junction), but my partner had a rhinoplasty a few weeks back with Dr Zaccharia (Double Bay but Bondi Junct private hosp). His rhinoplasty was 80% medical, 20% cosmetic. The results are pretty amazing already, not much scarring... He's yet to actually see and speak to Dr Zac since his op though! @Lovely145 I think you hit the 'Notify me of replies' button before you hit 'Submit Reply' - if you were to write another comment in
  2. @donatella OMG. They're very full and round aren't they?
  3. Wow. Didn't know that @Disappointed16- will check it out now. Had only heard good things about his rhinoplasty surgeries but I guess. @Danigirl are you still happy with your results?
  4. It's down the skill of the surgeon and what he thinks you can get away with. But agree with @donatella you can look at some other implant options.
  5. I see what you mean about the areas around the lips looking filled out... It's not my preference either. But I presume it's because K Jen has had a LOT of filler, instead of just enough to enhance and balance her lips, whilst also keeping things natural looking. I found a photo somewhere once about the optimal lip proportion from top to bottom, I'll see if I can google it and find it! I think this was it! This is what I showed my doctor when I had filler for the first time... He spent a lot of time with me clearly explaining the product, the facial symmetry, proportions etc. With his nurse assisting who was amazing also. I love my lips. No one knows I've had it done. In future I might get a fraction more put in. But for now I'm happy!
  6. My husband has been considering rhinoplasty also so this is really helpful. Any idea what Dr Z charges? Or a range at least? TIA
  7. Hey @BoobTube - just wanted to say, whatever you decide, it will be the right decision because it sounds like you are really weighing up the value of both investments. Consider the fact that sometimes an overseas adventure can change you in ways you never thought possible. Ie, meeting someone in your travels who is special and loves you for who you are, and not what your breasts look like. Or, you simply have so much fun discovering the magic of far away places that your priorities in life shift somewhat. Or maybe you travel first and 'park' the surgery option until you have given yourself ample time to think about what matters. I may sound like a hypocrite (because I've had MY boobies done) but we're all different. Something to think about lovely. Good luck! xx
  8. I am not sure who to steer clear of but I can recommend a great doctor for liposculpture. Dr Rastogi. He recently did my thighs and hips. Amazing results. Just amazing. You need to have lymphatic massages twice a week for about a month, and wear a garment for a while post-op. Dr Rastogi trained under the man who INVENTED liposuction in Europe years ago, so he has a different technique to the traditional suck-the-fat-out and see how it goes process of liposuction. Everything is considered - the shape, your size, your contours and proportions. Give the clinic a call, the staff are really nice, but you know what? Dr Rastogi is even better! One of the best in Australia... love him, but good luck with whoever you decide on. Maybe research a few other liposuction/sculpture surgeons on here via the forum? xx
  9. How did you go with your breast augmentation? I hear he's pretty good! Did you go ahead with the lipo in the same surgery?
  10. I saw a different Sydney surgeon for Liposuction/sculpture. Who are Dr M and Dr T?
  11. I have heard that Dr Zach is an excellent rhinoplasty surgeon. Disappointing to say the least that the others were so awful @Jaki82 - I agree it's so important to 'feel the love' and have a good 1st consult experience with your plastic / cosmetic surgeon. That first impression really does last a lifetime and gives you the confidence you're in the right hands (....or, not!)
  12. I opened your first link and omg WOW - I think you're bloody gorgeous! No negative comments here. Why would there be when you have such a beautiful face? Seriously dude. Do you model for a living? Watch out girls AND boys I say! You're a heartbreaker Your second link didn't go anywhere when I clicked on it, I think it's broken. But I'm sure if other people saw the photos and videos I saw of you then most would be of the opinion that your rhinoplasty surgery looks successful, that everything is in proportion and that there's little need to change anything further facially at this point in time. I will look out for you on the cover of Esquire or GQ in coming months... no doubt! xx have a great day
  13. How did you go @Clementine? Did you end up staying in Australia and booking your surgery? I am 3-months post-op liposculpture and I simply LOVE the liposuction Doctor Rastogi did on my thighs and abdomen. At first I was rather bruised and awful looking, my husband was actually frightened (! ha ha) but over time and with regular lymphatic massages the swelling came down and the result, oh my gosh, it's unreal. I can't tell you, seeing myself in bathers this summer, the weather's so nice, it is the most amazing feeling. But I also have a child so I don't dwell on it for too long, too busy! But to walk out the door in my bathers and towel and head down to the beach and feel zero insecurity. it's just the best feeling in the world. Hope you had that same outcome!
  14. Where are you based Clementine? I would recommend Dr Rastogi for Breast Implants and liposculpture/suction. I have recently booked in to have my liposculpture surgery with him and had a fantastic experience with him previously for my breast augmentation. Such an amazing doctor and I absolutely love my new breasts! On the lipo front, he specialises in the sculpting technique (rather than the traditional pump the fat out liposuction method, which can leave you with lumps of leftover fat in weird places and make you look out of proportion). It's all very considered, he takes note of your shape, your proportions and body contours to achieve something that looks sculptural, natural and beautiful. I note that he trained under the inventor of liposuction years ago in Europe, hence why I felt I had chosen the right doctor, well, that and his lovely bedside manner. Dr Rastogi also performs mini tummy tucks. Good luck with whomever you choose!
  15. So you say you notice it and you like that side better, does this mean you like to see the fullness in the top and a bit more side boob? I had mine done around 14 months ago. Haven't noticed any hardness or changes in shape really since they first softened, and they are super nice and soft now! But I do hope yours is not capsular contracture! Wishing you the best...
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