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  1. I was referred to him by an old friend but don't seem to find much info on him in this forum.....
  2. Thanks girls. I'm not after underarm incision just normal incision around nipple. Seems they only want quick customers for quick bucks!!
  3. Hi girls, I received a message from Rachel after my initial photos and application was sent and received : "thanks for the photos however for the type of lift that you are needing our Doctors are no longer doing at this time due to the amount of clients." My procedure doesn't seem complicated.. lift with implants lollipop scar. I hope im not getting the run around with her. Anyone received similar responses???
  4. Girls!!! Let the voting begin! I would love to know about your doctor, agency if any, overall experience and what you had done!! Im an uneven 10dd and need a lift with 325cc implants (breasts 80c difference) and i would prefer a lollipop scar.
  5. Thanks girls, Im interested in your Thai Drs and if they gave you the same advise as the drs you saw here in Australia, Also was scarring and recovery different being overseas?? Pros and Cons??
  6. Thanks! Were you happy with results? Did you get conflicting advise from local drs than from Dr Jib? Thanks again!
  7. Hi Girls, Im nervous and lack information for now. I have seen several Aust. Drs and am sure about a few things: I need a lift with implants I have one breast 80cc bigger than the other currently i prefer lollipop scar need 325 implants, round high profile. Im not sure about drs in Thailand but know i cant afford the $15k I have been quoted locally. Im most nervous about the end result being even. Has anyone out there had uneven breasts and had them corrected with this surgery?? As well as me needing a lift after 2 kids. Before kids i was a 10dd and always had big boobs but now gravity has hit so im mainly doing this for the lift. Help Girls im a newby!!
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