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  1. Hi there, I am Lauren and I will be booked for the 4th of sept with Dr Sanguan in Phuket for BA, I will probably go there on the 1st... I will stay a couple weeks. I was thinking first week super close to the hospital and then the second week on a beach not too far away. Would anyone like to stay with me for company and safety? Just thought I would see since I will be alone until my partner joins me on the 17th approx. It's all rather last minute and would ease my nerves heaps to have a friend! Thanks
  2. I'm also stuck between those two doctors!! haha They both seem like good choices, I could almost toss a coin!
  3. Hi there, it's totally last minute but I am hoping to get BA in Sept this year in Thailand... so a bit will depend on whose avail. I have done huge amounts of reading and have been stalking all your posts! I have some to be stuck between Dr.Wintoon, Sanguan and Piyapas. I would have to say Sanguan and Piyapas are the first two, I couldn't find so much info on Wintoon and that included a few complaints which made me a little more nervous about him. I am 170cm tall and weigh approx 56-60 (every scale changes a bit and so do I) and I have a large A or B cup breast. I have some sagging as I used to weigh in at 74kg (heaviest) and have a DD!! So I'm looking at a BA due to all the changes to my body. I'm almost certain ill need under the muscle because I have so little fat tissue in the breast now and think I prefer rounds, silicone gel. - Has anyone had endoscope incision? How does it look? I'm finding it really hard to get photos of this! - Does anyone know about the quality of the gel in the silicone implants for Thailand and how long they actually last for? - Which doctor!? haha The only other doctor whose work I have liked is Dr.Bruce Fox in Melbourne, who costs just under $10000, so I would have to wait longer then, since I just don't have that money. I am going to Thailand anyway for a holiday mid sept so that's also what sparked my interest, after I got a bad gut feeling with a doctor in Germany during my stay with family there, I am on my mission once again! Thanks in advance ladies
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