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    BA 375cc hp under the muscle
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    Mark Lee.. 28/09/2016
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  1. @Missy35 i got mine sent out like 3days after I booked. But that's because i booked surgery 4 weeks from consult. So you may get yours sometime early next month?
  2. @Missy35 your admissions time should be on your paperwork that gets sent out to you from pauline. The hospital does ring the day before but thats just to ask of any allergies, weight, height etc.
  3. leany

    September 2016

    Good Luck @Honeycakes x
  4. leany

    September 2016

    @EmT yes the pulling hurt a bit. Gotta change tape today so i shall get to see how they are doing. Fingers crossed its all looking good. I feel the same mine look big in pics but not in person. I wish I went my max to but mine was only 25cc more. So probs wouldn't of made much difference? How does it feel to wear bras again?
  5. leany

    September 2016

    That's so good they feel like they have always been there. My nipples are starting to feel sensitive atm to. Glad your scars are nice and even and are healing well. Awesome they are tucked in crease thats like mine ?. I got told by my surgeon to use the micropore tape for the next 6 weeks then i can start scar treatment. Did you have any scabbing on your incisions? At my two post op app on my right incisions was a little scabbing. When she removed the bandage she said it pulled on it a bit hard. So when i change tape on tuesday there will probably be some scabs on there. But said thats totally normal. That's crazy nobody has noticed as yours look huge ? but like you said when the clothes get smaller im sure sure people will notice lol.
  6. leany

    September 2016

    @EmT that is one sexy bikini top! Haha definitely bit of fun with the hubby for sure How are the girls going? Feeling softer or still firm?
  7. leany

    September 2016

    Wow.. they look amazing!! Love that bra ? Happy 6 weeks!!
  8. @Ali_V i seen on another post that you are going with dr mark lee? I had dr lee also and he told me to get the front zip crops from kmart. Think it was $20 for 2 and i just bought some elite sports crops from best n less.
  9. leany

    September 2016

    Very nice ? @Fi.b ahh okay my surgeon recommended showering day after and shampooing hair using arms in small circular motions. Cleavage just in time for summer ? Yeh everything is healing nicely thank god. Scar will be tucked away nicely to i think. Ah i hope they fluff haha. I looked at the drop & fluff thread so i have faith ?
  10. leany

    September 2016

    @Fi.b wow thats a round trip for sure!! I know them feels about a change of scenery ?. I was glad to get a little fresh air. Oh yayy hope it subsides quickly and i bet you are looking forward to some cleavage! Glad your scars are looking good to. What little exercises do you have to do? Yeah i had my app to they took the bandages off..yayy!! There was still a clear strip tape underneath which will be changed next week. My scars are looking really good according to surgeon. Hubby tried to get pics but its so hard to see with tape and the fact they are right in crease atm. Once boobies settle more ill be able to get a better look under there. A lot of my swelling has gone down so boobies are looking smaller ?. I will upload a pic. Also from when they took the tape off it was so compressed on boobs. They took shape to where tape was so looks a little squarish haha. Will round off to normal day or 2. ? Ahhh i want to see this dress to.. i can't see any pictures at all not even my own!
  11. leany

    September 2016

    @Fi.b you had a Post op appointment yesterday? How did it go? ?
  12. leany

    September 2016

    They are looking fantastic already!! I wouldn't stress to much babe it will catch up before you know it. My righty is looking bigger than my lefty. I didn't notice it at first my hubby pointed it out so. I can't notice it in mirror but when i put front facing camera on it sticks out like dogs balls ?
  13. leany

    September 2016

    Congrats hun glad all went well ?
  14. leany

    September 2016

    Yayy congrats on the new girls ?
  15. leany

    September 2016

    @jc14 @Vaticinal @Indiana01 G ( . )( . ) D LUCK for tomorrow ladies all the best x
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