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  1. At 8 weeks I still got those nasty zinger pains from time to time and my incisions were still a bit tender, but other than that I was perfectly okay.
  2. Sorry, accidentally deleted your request. I sent you one though. My partner tells me they feel natural but I suspect he's only being half honest. I'm not quite sure what natural feels like with larger breasts though to be honest. I agree with @Kaleidoscope_Eyes, find photo's of your desired look and show them to your surgeon because they will know what to do. If you are at all conserned that you may want them bigger I would duscuss this too. Not many people regret going bigger and it is a lot of money to spend only to be disappointed with the results.
  3. I went for a more natural look. I do love the result as I can dress them up or play them down, but the boob greed is real and I always find myself wanting them bigger. I wasn't a straight forward case though and went the biggest my surgeon recommend. Feel free to add me and see my results.
  4. Hey @Di1234 It is possible. I went from an a/aa cup to a d cup and the only reason my family knew was because I told them. Mind you I pretty much lived my whole adolescent life in push up bras and my whole adult life in bombshell bras, as well as being very conservative with my clothing choices . One cup size isn't much so depending on your body, how you dress and what implants you get (cc's, profile, placement and shape can all play very big and different roles in your finished look) will determine whether anyone will notice. For example, if you want to go from a deflated b cup to an ext
  5. I have 3 favourites. My first post op bra (a Lorna Jane single layered crop), a Kmart front zip crop and more recently a Bonds single layered crop. Pre BA I slept only in my underwear so personally I find that the single layered crops are just like a second skin and don't overly bother me while sleeping.
  6. My mother was completely against my surgery and made sure I knew it at every turn. Eventually I got so upset that I just told her that it was my body, my life and I'll do what I want. This seemed to shut her up. My dad and I never spoke of it and two of three of my brothers were quite curious and asked a bunch of questions. The third brother just went on about "loving who you are" but that was about it. After my surgery my mum had a full 360 turn around and was all excited for me...
  7. I just went for my 3 month post op last week (even though I'm officially 4mpo now) and Dr R isn't concerned at all. He said that if I really want I can keep massaging my left breast to get it to drop a bit more but the difference between the two is slim to none and that the crop tops that are riding up may just be a bit big around the band. I'm currently right on the border between a 10 and 12 band size so that makes sense. Other than that, recovery is going well. Just the odd pains here and there.
  8. Dr. Richardson is also a great option. I had mildly tuberous a cup breasts and am now a very much normal looling d cup. I specifically chose him because of his experience with tuberous/badly shaped breasts. Dr Broadhurst is another option aswell. He was my option B.
  9. Thank you guys. This makes me feel better :). So is it normal with asymmetry for bras to not sit properly?
  10. @lovejugs I have my 3 month appointment in early June so I thought I'd save myself the trip and just wa it until then. @D e @TheFox is this a better photo? It was taken a few weeks back for my 2 month progress. Sorry about the uneven shoulders, it can never seem to get them straight. The photos I uploaded earlier were mainly just to show where the bra is sitting on my breast.
  11. I'll have to see if I can get a photo of what I mean. I did try the other day but it wasn't very obvious.
  12. Hi all, so my right breast is slightly lower than the left and the crease is just under the insision. My surgeon said it's fine and that one breast is just slightly larger, I do trust him but in consultations I'm always topless and I've just been noticing the past few weeks that when I have a sports bra or crop top on the band sits on my breast and not under the crease (on my right breast only). I've never had boobs before so I have nothing to compare to and am just wondering if this is normal when one breast is slightly larger/slightly lower than the other?
  13. You can't go wrong with Dr Richardson. He is amazing! I have also heard great things about Dr Broadhurst.
  14. Sounds like nerve regeneration pain, AKA "zingers". This article explains them pretty well. I get them sometimes randomly during the day and they are so painful. Went back to my surgeon and got an ultrasound but nothing found. If they are really bad try primrose oil, it helps. http://edenknowsimplants.com/explaining-nerve-zingers-after-a-ba/
  15. My current every day bra is a zip up crop top 'Jeanie bra' type deal. From what I can gather wire bras only cause damaged tissue if you wear the wrong size bra. Personally I don't mind a wired bra as I feel they give me a bit more support, but I do mostly enjoy going braless or wearing bralettes where I can, as it's more comfortable. I'm only 2mop so I still need to wear something majority of the time though.
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