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  1. Awww @dream it - live it it's so hard to know what is normal and what is not, It's good that he thinks they look good tho, a little bit of reassurance. Mine are really starting to get some more feeling back in them, they are still high and hard and very tender to touch but I have to remember that I was only 2 weeks on Friday (17dpo now) and I have a long way to go. I worry about seeing others on here seeing changes with in the first 2 weeks but then see others in the same boat as me, I'm just going to try to take it one day at a time. I have my eldest sons birthday and my nieces 21st this weekend so I have got to try to find something nice to wear to cover this post op bra . I'm still really nervous about people knocking me or hugging me tho so going to be a bit on edge, maybe having a few drinks will settle my nerves. How's sleeping going for you? Are you still on your back or can you sleep on your side?
  2. Haha It's all a bit foreign hey . My theory of wearing surgical bra at night is when your laying on your back, normal boobs automatically flatten out or move to the side so this will help them stay together but as I said that is my theory, could be completely wrong but that is the only thing that makes sense to me. It's a little amusing when you know people know, but are being polite and just look a little awkward trying not to intentionally look. haha @dream it - live it Did you end up seeing your surgeon on Tuesday?? How are you feeling now??
  3. oh wow I can't wait just to go bra shopping because at the moment I do not have any bras that will even fit me because previously my only concern with bras were how much push up padding it had .. Do you still need the surgical bra at night??? I hear you with this heat, I have a lot of singlets which looks so ridiculous with the surgical bras, I have been trying to dress with bigger shirts on especially at work for a) still feel tender to touch so I don't want to put more pressure on them (which is hard, as majority of my wardrobe is body hugging shirts) and b ) I just don't have the energy to be going into details with everyone who wants to know where, when, how and who haha, I love my boobs but I just need to heal and recoup before I feel comfortable putting them on display, but I do see people who notice but are not sure weather to say anything lol. Look out everyone once they D&F @gsr4232 that is my fear of falling on them, I keep going to grab my son when he just about falls etc. and that shot of pain goes through and sure reminds me. I'm so eager to get started with some kind of fitness even just the treadmill will do !!!!! It didn't help that I had to stop all pec work four weeks prior so then that made me even more paranoid of even using my arms!!! I had also gotten bursitis just under my knee joints so was healing from that as well so leg work was bare minimal.... Really feeling like a whale atm haha. I'm not daring to jump on the scales just yet!!!!! Your photo's look great and you can definitely see the difference, well I guess I'm just a late bloomer haha - story of my life!!!!
  4. Thank you so much ladies for getting back to me, think I was feeling a little overwhelmed yesterday 😱 @Lotus16 I have been taking photos everyday as well just so i can compare... maybe I was expecting some big noticeable change. I was thinking if they don't move soon I will have to wear a strap, but the nurse didn't seem to be worried. @Lore2505 & @Kathy_1011 Ive never really cared for auto cars UNTIL NOW!!😀I tried driving again today and still having trouble with 5th gear, I think I may need to swap cars with my mum until next week,😩. @Kathy_1011 The side boob is a very strange feeling, I sometimes feel like I'm walking with big guns 😀😜, but I know about it when I knock them. Does anyone think there girls are going to be bigger then they expected, I've seen a few post were theirs haves d&f and are bigger then they anticipated, sure had me wondering.
  5. Hey ladies, How is everyone's recovery going, I'm assuming everyone is off loving there new boobs and have settled back into the swing of things. I'm 12 days post op and still really high and swollen, I haven't seen much difference since day 1 but have been told this is normal???? I'm back at work and keep knocking them with files ahhhh. I am getting a lift to work because I tried to drive on the weekend and I couldn't put the car in 5th gear with out two hands (that was scary) and putting it in reverse is hard.... So I'm going to give it a try again tomorrow because I'm going insane being at home all day. I went to the shops over the weekend and was so tense, stressing about getting knocked that I didn't enjoy that one bit, but I really need to finish xmas shopping Did anyone else's take a bit to move or see swelling go down somewhat in the first 2 weeks? Also I have been feeling really tired still, exhausted even just doing little things, please tell me someone else still felt like this? I will be putting photo's up soon
  6. My fingers are crossed that it's only your girls settling and the implant has not moved.... It's hard to know what is 'normal' and what is not normal in the early stages, so can understand why you would be so worried. Whilst your away maybe see if you can Skype your surgeon or even the nurse to maybe put your mind at ease until your apt??? @Lotus16So glad to hear it all went well.
  7. So I ended up going to the doctor last night to get a med cert till Monday.... I just felt I wasn't ready, I was still having trouble getting a work shirt on with out it hurting. Feel so much better not stressing over it!!! Wow @mumO5 Sounds like you killed a lot of stones in one go, good for you!!! I'm still trying to imagine 800cc (I got 450cc dual plane) but I'm sure you will pull it off like it's no body's business haha. Rest up take it easy and I hope you get time to do some crazy ass shopping over there keep us updated on your recovery.
  8. Oh my goodness @Yollie they look amazing!!!
  9. @dream it - live it I was never a back sleeper but I really wish that I can lay flat on my back now ..I might have to get one of these neck pillows as I was so sore when I woke this morning.... Thanks for replying @TT@09 Nursing is most defiantly manual handling work and I really feel for you ladies having to go back to patient loads. Thanks for replying @Yollie oh at this time I really wish I could just have the next month off , but then again I have a 4 year old at home with me except for two days he is at kindergarden, so there really is no 'resting' it's more like 'stressing' haha.. Thanks for replying @Kathy_1011 I'm hoping like mad It's going to be easy shifts, there are quite a few heavy charts that I'm a little concerned about as I have not told anyone at work what I had done and sometimes there isn't anyone around who can help. I wish I was at my last job still as I wasn't so quiet about wanting a BA so it would of made it a lot easier if I had needed help when I went back to work but anyway this is the way life goes... I'm going to see how I go today and decide weather I'm ready tomorrow or wait until Monday. Thanks for replying @Lore2505OMG my 4year old son was calling me T REX (he doesn't know exactly why I couldn't move my arms to far) that just made me laugh I have a manual car as well, which is making me even more nervous, I have organised a lift in and home on the Thursday and Friday, but I have to drive for my post op apt which is meant to be on Friday. I was going to move it to the Monday as I couldn't get anyone to take me but I won't have my son on the Friday and I was just going to bite the bullet and drive my car on the Friday!!! I had to ask my surgeon to put down on my med cert that I can go back to work on the Thursday (because that is all the sick days I have up) but he wanted me to have till the Monday but wrote it anyway stating that I need to do light duties for four weeks when I go back...My job isn't a heavy job anyway so that would be fine. I was talking to my sisters yesterday (who are both nurses and know what my job involves) and they said think about all the money you have paid and then ask your self if you are prepared to take that risk.. They are saying give yourself an extra 4 days then go back Monday... I'm really stressing my self out over this as I don't want to let work down but I also need to listen to my body.... As I said above I'm going to see how I go today and then make a decision. Thanks Ladies for all your thoughts, wishing you all well on your recovery journey Good luck to our lucky last Lady @mumO5 hope everything goes well for you today
  10. oh @Lotus16 honey my fingers are crossed for you that it is nothing serious, I can only imagine what thoughts are going through your head right now and how anxious you will be feeling. Can you maybe put a cold pack on it to see if that will help???? The hardest part for me in this whole recovery is allowing people to help... I start to do something then very quickly realise that I can't and need to ask someone to do it..... I just need to suck it up and let the kids put something away in the wrong place haha Never knew how OCD I was until now!!!! Let us know how you go Lotus16
  11. I had 460cc unders Dual plane, I'm currently only taking over the counter pain meds now just to stop the tightness really, so I should be right to take these whilst I'm at work. I'm just going to play it by ear and do what I can. I finally slept in my bed last night (instead of the recliner) with lots of pillows propping me up, so had a somewhat decent sleep feeling a little less tight everyday just got to wait for this swelling to go down thanks.
  12. Thanks @gsr4232 I have a house inspection tomorrow which is certainly putting extra pressure on my recovery, just got to breathe and take it day by day. Great work uploading pics, it sure is not easy to do....
  13. @Lotus16that would of been hard a 12hr shift first up ahhh. I'm on a ward but not a nurse so I know how hard nurses work and how heavy the work load can be.. I felt so guilty taking this week off (they don't know exactly what it was for... Yet...) I just don't like letting people down.. Are yours still swollen at all??
  14. @TT@09@Lotus16@Madison.96@Kathy_1011@Lore2505@Shapely@gsr4232@Honeycakes@Michelle13@Yollie @Rita 11@Nura@dream it - live it Ladies since some of you have had your BA early in November I just wanted to find out if any one went back to work with in the week??? I had mine done Friday morning and will be going back to work on Thursday arvo (administration 4 hrs).. I'm stressing that I'm going to knock them or hurt them ahhhh. I'm only really starting to get some tingling sensation today and better movement in my arms , they are still hard, high and numb. How long before you started to notice a change? Hope everyone is loving there new assets, please keep us updated on your recovery.
  15. Thanks hun, I'm loving them 😍😍oh It's a huge relief it's over, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (it's now on my chest 😂). I'm currently surrounded by pillows on my recliner, I don't think I'm going to get much sleep at all tonight 😕.. My girls are rock hard, it feels like when my milk came in with my kids except I can't express haha. Definitely keep the pain meds up, taking them just before they are due, I found is the key. I think I was prepared as much as I could thanks to this site, the feedback from others really is invaluable information that helped prepare myself pre op and I'm sure post op.
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