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    BA 370cc dual plane
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    Dr szalay 21 sept 2016
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    170cm 68kg

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  1. Thanks girls it's like I can feel the sutures still in there! Hopefully it's okay and they settle
  2. Anyone else experienced this...I'm six weeks post op and my suture lines feel lumpy like I can still feel stitches under neath??
  3. Hi babes, I'm 3 weeks post op and boobs feel totally fine apart from my super sensitive nipples. They are very tender this last few days. Is this normal? When should go away?
  4. I've had twilight 4 times for IVF and then had BA under twilight 3 weeks ago and it was great! I don't do well with GA so this option was great for me. No probs at all. My girlfriend had hers done same time and thinks was great too.
  5. I had to wear a strap for the first week 24hours day. I'm sure it helped Hun
  6. I have been told to use waterproof opsite dressings and they are so expensive. What is everyone else using? I'm 2 days post op. Thanks girls
  7. Myself and friend had surgery with szalay yesterday and both totally happy. Procedure was great and both loving the results. He is a quiet man but great at his job. The team were great. I'd definitely recommend.
  8. We came from interstate had appointment on Monday and surgery tomorrow morning ekk!!
  9. No he just using same size in both. You can't notice it now cause just saggy little things but he said once they fill with implant may notice. He didn't seem to fazed by 1cm.
  10. Thanks heaps Hun that's what I thought. I'm excited
  11. Hey girls I've had my consult today. So one breast is going to sit 1cm higher than other. He said not that much of biggy it's quiet common. Anyone else had this and still happy with results. I'm thinking be fine 1cm not that big and I'm not one to wear low tops or get them out.
  12. I'm having BA next weds with szalay I'm super excited. I like the idea of no GA and only been sedated as recovery so much better. Feel free to message me next week. Wish me luck girls
  13. Hi Hun did you go under or over? I'm similar pre op pics and stats
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