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    Dr.Ces - 08/10/2012
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  1. Don't worry at all hun don't waste yr energy worrying bout it focus on recovery ! Cos I regret the times I stayed up not being able to sleep just horrified that I've got pointy boobs lol! They really do change shape and u will be amazed once they settle. Dr ces' placing of the imPlants is spot on n no doubt they will look symmetrical n beautiful in 6 weeks or even earlier. mIne have settled bit n now I'm loving them ! If ever I was to change them I'd do it to go bigger and he said He could only fit a bigger size in a year once the tissue has stretched. Take care and have a good recOvery n look forward to being amaze with them soon xxx
  2. Blair08 and lozz68 - yr boobies look stunning already ! U must be over the moon !! Xxx
  3. Hi girls ! My lip is finally back to normal , it was actually more uncomfortable than the soreness in my breasts lol . Apart from that, my recovery has been fairly good so far not much pain at all now except I still got some swelling on the sides . So heres my story- With regard to size , dr. Ces recommended I go with 235cc Xhp, nuance style given that I have a small frame and narrow chest w. which I thought would be too small coz ofcourse I wanted to go larger at least a nice D cup or DD. I was a 10b , 157cm , 48kg , bw- 11cm. I asked dr ces when discussing sizes if I could go bigger and with a round implant instead of nuance and he said that this could possibly give me a double bubble / snoopy effect because my right breast was slightly tubular compared to left. He wasn't comfortable gong any bigger or using the round implants because of this and I had no choice of going any bigger. But dr widdowson on the other hand had recommended round 365ccs, which I found wiered coz it's a massive difference in implant width . Anyhow , 1 day post op they looked more conical , pointy and quite not the size I expected coz I expected a little bigger. I spoke to dr . Ces bout it he said they will definitely change shape and fluff up but they will look natural because of the nuance . He was right they look quite natural 7days post -op. I was really hoping for the round ( a little bit fake-nit over the top fake ) look. they have fluffed a little not so much still but still don't look as big as I wanted. Dr ces was lovely through it all though , he said that he could have gone bigger but do not wish to deliberately put in implants too big on his patients knowing that they could cause complications later on - which I appreciate. I am kind of disappointed that my breasts are restricted with size and the maximum I can go is this ? ( in saying that , I guess at this stage it's too early to judge and be disappointed , so I'm staying positive hoping for the best that they will fluff and look bigger and get more fuller at the top Talking to dr Ces bout it made me feel better and he is a great surgeon . He suggested I wait atleaat 6 months to see the result and if I am unhappy he could do a revision possibly with bigger implants coz by this time the tissue would be expanded aswel . I have been meaning to upload the pre and post op pics but haven't had access to a comp except my phone and will do so sometime soon Xxx
  4. Wohh what has this thread come to lol! In my opinion Dr.Ces is lovely ! I had my BA done 2 2 days ago by him and it went so well . Minimal pain and not feeling sick at all, except I had bitten my lip while under anastheasia lol and it's so sore ATM. he has called everyday since the surgery to check how I'm going im just excited to see the end result once theyve settled Xxx
  5. Omg I just stumbled across this thread! I am booked in on the 8th for my BA! I am super excited n nervous! it's only 2sleeps away ! Still feels unreal.. )
  6. Meela87- lol so i ended up going with the brazilian implants! yes unfortunately he only uses Brazilian implants now , he used to do textured and smooth cohesives a couple years ago coz my friend had hers done couple years back with the textured gels . So I went in thinking I could request the textured but he had stopped using them coz he says the brazilians are the safest and gives the best results. Judging from previous patient reviews and pics he seems like a great surgeon..
  7. Even if dr ces pushes the brazilian implants , I might stick with the cohesives coz one of my friends said her friends have them done and they hate it! She says they look like solid balls that just sit there and don't move ! It comes down to personal preference again if u wanna go for that look or not! I prefer inbetween . And yeah lotus uses the textured implants with 1% cc rate as well. I forget the brand name .
  8. I saw dr widdowson last week and going a 360cc , cohesive gel. Im seeing dr ces this Friday , and reading all the good reviews on him, Im kinda confused which one to go with! Dr widdowson was very nice and friendly , and seemed like he was confident that he could give me the result I wanted. But yeah as u said I can't find that many reviews on him Also I wasnt that impressed with some of the before / afters I saw of dr widdowsons work , but it could be that the patient requested that look ... I dunno ! It's a tough one. But il see how the consult goes with ces on Friday so I can make my final decision! Will keep u posted! I want them done in October! So close... Eek )
  9. Hi Meela, Which doctor did u choose to go with? I am tossing between dr.Ces and dr. Peter widdowson . I love the before afters of dr. Ces n with dr widdowson , he seems to have more experience! I am unsure which one to go with!! Who did u end up choosing Hun?
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