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  1. Just read on another forum about your previous CA, I hope you're looking after yourself! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and I have to start having check ups in my 30s, do those with implants have to have mammograms?
  2. Yes Singapore you are right in that aspect where they say some forward comments and it is considered normal in their culture! Yes I was a little offended, especially because she is a lovely Dr. She's not Singaporean herself but of Asian descent, studied in Aus.
  3. I do think that could take you to a C or small D. As you mentioned, it is so hard to tell. I am 5'5, 42 kg and I know a girl who has very similar measurements yet went for 560cc implants which look very similar in size to my implants which are almost half the size.. 375cc/400cc. So many factors go into play such as breast implant pocket dissected, size of implant used, even shape/brand of implant (I never had that square flat post op look because I have Motiva implants which are not round or tear drop, they're both. Yet I may have if I had chosen Allergan etc), tightness of overlying skin and muscle layers, pre op size. Your plastic surgeon you have consulted/booked with will be the best person to ask! I hope you find what you're looking for
  4. I didn't have a referral as I had my breast augmentation done in South Korea. However when I got back and had fallen ill with tonsillitis, I informed her about my surgery. She wanted a check up with me in a few weeks so I went today. When I saw her today, she said she was not judging me however asked if I'm okay, if I have low self esteem? Basically implied body dysmorphic disorder. Whilst this is a Dr in Singapore, I feel that in future when I go back to living in Australia I do not want to get a referral purely because of the questions. Did your Dr ask such questions? While I understand a part of their training is studying the link between plastic surgery and low self esteem, why every patient has to be labelled as that just because they would like to tweak something. She probably does have my best interest but I can't help but feel judged.
  5. I only started looking today, I tried one bra on that was somewhat padded and fit me horribly, sat too low, was tight and then gaping near the underarms.. Ahhh. Then tried on a non padded, basic lace underwire which fit me best. I feel like shopping for bras that will fit well is going to be tiresome. Any particular brands that you go for? Any style?
  6. I am 5 weeks post op and I also do have the same issue where clothing around the bust can be too tight, then when I go up in size, it's too big around my body. I ordered a expensive dress recently and although it's bearable, it is slightly too tight around the bust. My problem will probably be even worse once they "drop" yet I guess it is better than being too small for clothing. Maybe try look at it that way As I'm sure you're aware, no clothing will always ever fit a body perfectly! All those models we glorify are often flat chested and probably have the same problem as us, if not, worse. What're your stats if I may ask? To be honest, I think they look very proportionate on you however photos are not always completely accurate. To me, you have a beautiful result and very natural. So many women would kill for that look. Sorry it is hard to understand where you are coming from as you really do have a lovely look! If you look at my profile, it says my stats. I can post some photos of my breasts here in comparison to my body and I think it may make you feel a bit better hehe! Rest assured, I did want a large look. Sending you my love!
  7. Skin care tips? Each surgeon is different and will recommend different things I would wait and see what your specific surgeon suggests. Everyone heals differently. Some people have scars that are hypertrophic/keloid and some people heal "well". Basic dermatology protocol for healing of wounds is silicone gel/sheets afterwards, staying out of the sun/using sunscreen as you do not want your scar to darken, massage of the scar, steroid injections if they're hypertrophic or raised, lasers and embrace can help as well! I think you will heal just fine being skin type 2!
  8. Do you happen to be left handed? Apparently the hand you use most can affect which side. I'm right handed for example and I do find that my right breast has more sharp pains occasionally especially laying on my side. X
  9. Very true! It's always the older generation that snub their noses but I do think it stems from the safety aspect. GA is so much more safer now, plastic surgery in general is performed more, technology etc. At the end of the day, it could be also that plastic surgery goes against Western values? The aspect that we supposedly look at what people are like on the inside, what their achievements are whereas in South Korea for example, values appearance and ones status.
  10. Even though your face isn't in the after photos, you look so youthful! They look really elegant and perky on you Lovely to see how happy you are.
  11. I haven't lived in Australia for quite some years however I know for a fact that it isn't advertised or seen as positive as opposed to South Korea. When I was there on holiday, almost every street in Gangnam has a plastic surgery clinic. Gangnam isn't that big and apparently there are over 300 clinics. It's almost seen as a luxury and people freely talk about it. While their standards of beauty are different, they want to look more feminine/"baby" it's still plastic surgery. I get the impression Australians generally are narrow minded when it comes to plastic surgery, no? Even though I've only had a few procedures done, I've received backlash from family members and generally do not tell friends. However I feel if I had Korean relatives/friends, it would be different.
  12. Thank you! I wonder what the SA in bra shops in Singapore are going to think.. They do have beautiful lingerie. Will probably have to avoid the elderly ones haha.
  13. I never had a problem with going to the toilet. After my stitches were taken out, I was told to wear nipple protectors, no surgical bras, thank gosh. Semi light tank tops, t shirts, long sleeves. However I had my surgery in a cold country so it was easy to hide with coats. I'm back home in hot Singapore and I'm genuinely just wearing normal clothing. Nothing special!
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