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  1. I have uploaded some pics of the rippling I have just had corrected for those of you who were wanting to see what it was like
  2. I had my first BA and lift when my daughter was 4months old, my husband helped me out for 5days and I was fine!! (I also had a 3yr old) I have just undergone my 2nd ba my daughter is 13months and my son 4.5years and same again, only needed help for the first few days. It was harder this time because she weighs more than a baby! I think you'll be fine
  3. Just read this whole post! Good on you Amie i want mine done now!! Lol. And georgiaP i had both my nipples pierced and they healed perfectly, u just have to do it and try.. Chances are they'll be fine aaaaand they look AMAZING
  4. I have snapped a cpl pics, theyre still taped up at the moment tho, and swollen! But i will upload what i have. And im seeing mark 2moro so tape will come off then (thank god!) and ill get some more up 2moro
  5. No its unlikely to have from the brazillians, but my muscles contracted bk rather quickly so that is probably the cause, and loss of breast tissue (weight loss)
  6. Thanks donatella! Im going more under the muscle this time, to fix the rippling so im thinking they wont end up too much bigger! But time will tell
  7. Thanks Inde! At the moment im just all swollen, so excited to see what theyre going to look like this time!
  8. Dr Mark Lee. Im feeling much better today! No pain killers besides panadol and just a little uncomfortable but pretty good
  9. I have been offline since this original post, but 2 days ago I underwent surgery to fix my rippling! My surgeon fixed (at no charge) my rippling by moving some muscle and suturing it in place, I am 2 days post op so will keep everyone posted with pics and recovery. Seeing as my implants were taken out to do this procedure, I opted tot changed them to the next size up of 560cc, which only adds about acm to width and projection but thought what the heck!
  10. In december it was nothing like it is now. I could only feel it so I assumed it was muscle I could feel and he said it was quite normal. Thought nothing of it. But now its really visible. I'll try uploading some pics.
  11. Hmm good thinking, thankyou. I ave emailed and have an appt for april, just wondering if there are options to fix without another surgery :/
  12. Okay so this is extremely visible now, when just standing topless. Im really unhappy about it. Des anyone know the options i have to fix rippling?
  13. Congrats! You will be so happy with the resluts. I had my BA + lift done with dr lee almost 3months ago and couldnt be happier, cant fault a thing
  14. He sure does, thats what I had done by him They are silimed implants. He is a fantastic surgeon
  15. Hi, I am 5 weeks post op with Mark and couldnt be happier. Everything from my first consult until today has been a wonderful experience, would do it all again in a heartbeat! He is an amazing surgeon and willing to explain everything in detail, and if you speak to any of his staff they are all the same! But it comes down to who you (and your partner, if you have one) feel comfortable with. Good luck with everything!
  16. So I was measured up and bras and things yesterday as a 10G!! Im going to a boutique called 'A Cup Above' Next week to see what they measure me as, but wowzer!! Wasnt expecting that. I certainly dont look anything like what you think a 'G' cup would. I am so totally in love with my boobs tho! So if thats the size I end up being, so be it! Yay!
  17. Thanks! No I havent, I have an appt on the 18th so ill just get it checked then, i have no pain or anything so im not too worried
  18. When I run my fingers over my boobs (with a little bit of pressure) it feels like my implants are rippled, is this normal? It doesnt look like it at all but it feels like it so much that you think they would look rippled.. Just wondering if anyone else has had this or if its totally normal. Or I thought it might be my muscle I can feel seeing as I went under the muscle.. Id love opinions or experiences the same please! Thanks
  19. So after the docs yesterday were looking at an abdominal ultrasound and thinking she will have to have some some of op to relieve it Progess I suppose but i was hoping it wouldnt have to get to an operation, how did ur little one go with it jenjen?? xx
  20. Yeh im hoping the chiro ive just started seeing will help make a difference, I know nothing will happen over night but just an improvement would be nice! And thankyou! They dont feel bigger but next wed im 6wks post op and can get measured up, so excited!! And buy underwires, yay!! Bet ur counting down the days til ur op, your not gonna want to wear clothes once u have them, just warning you
  21. She has been on losec since she was 2wks old Hopefully theres another medication that will work for her!
  22. Hi ladies, she is 4.5months. My son (nearly 4) had it also but not nearly this bad. Funny u say that chacha I actually took her to a chiro on tuesday, perhaps it will help! He said he needs to see her 3 more times, I am just a bit skepital as to wether or not its just money making lol Jenjen my husband had that op as a baby so I am wondering if its something that she might need :s doctors only seem to care if she is putting on weight tho, which she is, so they are reluctant to do any further research. But I know theres something up. Solids dont even help to keep anything down! My appt will be before christmas hopefully! I am waiting on a call back, thanks again
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