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    England coming to Brisbane
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    I have had a few consultations with a surgeon but decided it would be a rush to get it done here in England. I am coming to Brisbane and would like to get one done very soon
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    152cm / 46kg / 32A wanting 32D
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    Weight lifting and being outdoors

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  1. I got anatomical but High Profile ? Still got some swelling but loving them so far!
  2. ^^ same here, 2.5 weeks PO. Definitely a change in terms of the fact it's getting better but I still get up in morning holding them like they are going to fall out lol ?
  3. @Maddi101 such an amazing difference in just 2 weeks!! Think of all the lovely dropping and fluffing that's going to come! ?
  4. Looking fab! It will be 1 month before you know it!!
  5. Hey @Hoolahann I am on the petite side too. I'm 5"1 (152cm) and 43kg. I was an A cup before (32A - I am from the UK so not sure what this is in Aus sizing but cup size is same!) and I got 300cc, currently 11days post op, I went with Dr Miroshnik over here in Sydney (best decision ever to come overseas for it!) we had 300 and 345 in mind to try but he couldn't get the 345cc in without the risk of severe rippling ! I am still swollen right now and obviously they haven't settled much in terms of cleavage coming together as still quite fresh from surgery but here's a few pics ... i agree with others though just go for the bigger size, it's not a lot of difference ? I went in to the consult wanting to achieve a full D cup if that helps too, of course a long way off yet to see the results! But I love the size so far, changing daily! Bet you cannot wait!
  6. It's just the nurses in for a few hours, I think like 8.30 - 1.30pm, I know of one girly going for her post op as she's flying back to Brisbane tomorrow, as an extra due to the hols, but then my 'official' post op check up is the 11th too for tape off!! ???
  7. It's reducing slightly by the day ??? Definitely getting better, got the extra check up tomorrow but all is looking good thank you ???
  8. Looking fantastic @Boobieminus !! ?? totally worth it though!
  9. @Maddi101 thank you, me too I am sure I am just being picky! ? Thats rubbish about the second bra! Hope you get one tomorrow sorted, we just have to keep reminding ourselves why we have put ourselves through this lol! All for beautiful boobs that we can flaunt about and have that self confidence ? Each day definitely gets better so I hope you manage to sleep better soon xxx and oh my gosh a proper shower is the best feeling in the world, have that to look forward to!!!!
  10. @Maddi101 looking really good for 4 days PO!! How you feeling? I am still feeling a bit rubbish about the swelling on my right side, front on doesn't look too bad but from the side I feel like it looks horrendous!!? I am 6 days post op now I hope it smoothes down soon ? Am I just being super fussy??
  11. @Boobieminus feeling you with the bloating! Immediately post op and for the next 24 hours I had none and thought wow this is great! Then it's slowly made it's way down like you ? Like you say plenty of water / lemon flush it all out!!! Xx
  12. @Boobieminus ..... Ended up having an emergency USS yesterday when I saw Dr M's nurse to rule out a haematoma due to that swelling.. turns out I do have a 6ml collection of one. So got to wear this compression band for 48 hours solid then for following 2 nights and an extra check up on 29th. Was a stressful day to say the least, just don't want all of this to hinder the final look of my new puppies! At the mo no talk of any extra surgery or drainage needed just seriously need to rest and ice up. A bit sad and gutted but I am in good hands xxx @Boobieminus honest just chill and relax, don't want anything to go wrong, for the sake of a few days being bored and feeling like an invalid it's defo worth it! I am grateful for the muscle relaxant too!! This band is making it a lot more sore otherwise I think I would be feeling great today! @Maddi101 yep totally feel you with the numb nips lol! I hear for some this can last for a few months!!! Hope the drain removal went ok??!! @rebeccalee you are looking fab!! Amazing what a few more days can do ?
  13. I think that would defo explain it! I didn't have drains but get the intermittent 'crackling' noises ... just got to think we have a foreign object in there and our bodies have got to try and accommodate and adjust xx when do you get the drains removed??
  14. ^^ same here hope all has gone well xx @Maddi101 how are you feeling? Hope you are managing to rest up and get comfortable xx
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