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    BA dual plane high profile round - 390cc
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    Dr Broadhurst 14/09/2016
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    176cm 68kg 12A

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  1. 3 weeks PO today and I'm feeling great! So glad I took that extra week off. So amazing to see everyone doing well & boobs are looking fab. So much dropping & fluffing happening
  2. @Booklet you and I sound so alike. I too am an active person (full time worker/mum/wife - currently renovating a house plus I go to crossfit). I'm hating feeling this tired and I cant relax knowing that I'm not allowed to do anything much (i.e Gym - which is my outlet) so I feel like I am going round & round in circles. I had a mini breakdown at work today and think I might have another week off. I need to listen to my body
  3. I'll give it a go. Thank you @bluegumboot
  4. @bluegumboot I was on the 14th with Dr Broadhurst ? Is anyone still feeling tired? I'm 3 days off 2 weeks post BA and I'm still tired & a bit cloudy. My boobs feel great though!
  5. @Laurag Work went well. I could feel them swelling & rising around lunchtime lol. I'm lucky as my office was aware of my procedure so I was able to take it easy. I'm really loving them now as pain is minimal and I'm starting to be able to do most things.
  6. Hey I am 175cm & 68kg and I got 390cc. Friend me so that you can see my gallery pics.
  7. @Laurag I'm returning to work today and I had mine done on Wednesday. I feel fine (except for being tired) & I haven't taken pain meds for a few days now.
  8. @bluegumboot I'm the same - so bloody tired! I'm going back to work tomorrow (office job) so I'm hoping I can stay awake
  9. @LisMäree you look baben! On a diff note - hands up if a hot shower is literally the best feeling ever on your boobies? I've had a million showers lol
  10. I went for a 2km walk this morning and now I need to sleep again. Not being active is doing my head in & my house is a mess. I need to chill! Lucky it's raining so I have to. Ive only been taking panadol. I think I underestimated how fatiguing this op would be
  11. Hey @Bond007 ive been sleeping ok but I still feel so damn tired during the day. Almost dizzy! I think I might be doing too much. I just feel exhausted
  12. I loved him. I went to Richardson, Harwood & Broadhurst & went with Broadhurst. He understood what I wanted & was straight to the point. Miroshnik is amazing & would have loved to have used him but the travel & kids would have been too much as you know! Finally added pics to my gallery !
  13. @Honeycakes i really feel for you. I hope you get your dream boobs soon - don't substitute Miroshnik for another doctor. Even if you have to wait a little longer.
  14. @Madsamuffin please don't overthink too much. You have just come out of GA and now your body is healing so you will be a bit down. I had a particularly down day today wondering what the hell I've done (the constant niggling ache is annoying) but I do love them. Stay focused on the bigger picture! You've got this! Go for a walk and feel some sun on your skin - enjoy the down time
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