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  1. Hello here is an update. Surgery went well. Dr Boonchai was very nice... But i think for picking the right implants.. he doesnt guide enough. Like he will give you the options and ask you what you want.I did get a bit confused because first we agreed on 325cc round PU. But he said that i was very thin. So i showed him a a pic of how id like to look and another one of what i dontwant to look. and he said with round implants ,it might give you the look that u dont want. so i asked about anatomical shape. he makes a call, and tells me they have them available. I ask him if anatomic
  2. Hi Silentrose, Sorry I have just accepted your FR. I would love to meet up post op. I'lll have my surgery tomorrow, I am pretty nervous i think. I have a bad couple of week,did not sleep well, starting to have stomach cramping ! Are you in phuket already? Where are you staying at? Lets try to catch up !
  3. Hey Rose, I'm leaving on the 19th Jan, not too long to go now.. I am excited and super nervous at the same time. I hope the implant they reserved for me will fit !. And i hope the surgery will go well ( I'm scared of the general anesthesia !! )... I am worried about the recovery time as well... Hopefully I will still be able to enjoy a bit of thailand post op ! How are you going with your surgery? Everything sorted with PIAC??
  4. HI, Thank you so much for all the research you have been doing on our implants ! You provided us with very useful and much much needed info ! So thanks heaps I have checked my implant on the catalogue and compared it with the reference on the box, and all is good. The implants are legit ! pheww !! The only problem is the diameter, my BWD is 12cm and the implant width is 12cm.... how is that going to work?! PS: About the profile of your implants just check the projection.. a low profile might still have a decent projection.?!
  5. Hi Rose, I called her today, I just couldnt sit and wait for her to decide to reply to my emails. She told me that they are doing some accredited testing or something like that, And that she couldnt access the room and check the implants. She told me that in a couple of days, she will be able to check these informations for me. She said also, that she has shown Dr Boonchai, the silimed catalogue that I have sent her and that he said, that the implants they have reserved for me are not on this catalogue because APPARENTLY Thailand receives different sizes of implants. She told m
  6. I have received a reply from Helen. This is what I have sent her: " Dear Helen, I have received and read all the documents you sent me. Thank you very much for that. The day of surgery is coming closer and closer, I was doing some more research last week. I came accross Silimed catalogue ,please find attached So i wanted to read info/details on implants that have been reserved for me, But i had trouble finding it on the sizing chart. Would you mind pointing it out for me. We decided on 325cc or 355cc high profile, diam 11,1cm Could you please send me some info on the i
  7. Hi, I have sent you a friend request, I am interested to see Dr Bonchai's work if you dont mind. How is everything going now post BA? xx
  8. Hi Bex31, I have emailed them yesterday about it, and I have not received anything back just yet. My surgery is booked in for the 24th of January at PIAC. I was soooo excited about the surgery as it is coming closer and closer.. But I am really worried about the implants. I do hope they use legit silimed implants... But then, i really dont understand why I cannot find it on the catalogue. I will see if i get a reply today, otherwise I will give them a call tom. My flights and accomodations are booked in, And I was sooo hoping and excited to get boobs !! !!
  9. That is exactly what I am worried about.... How to know if we get legit silimed PU implants....
  10. Hi, I know a number of us are waiting to have our BA done at PIAC, and have had their PU implants reserved. PIAC said they reserved for me a Silimed round 325cc high profile. I told them my BW was 12cm, and so an implant of width 11.1cm would be ideal. HOWEVER, i have had a look at the silimed sizing chart http://eurosurgicalwp.carboncode.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/2012-Silimed-catalogue-breast.pdf And cannot find my implants on the Official Silimed sizing chart. Anyone with the same problem? PIAC said they have 355cc high profile with a diam suitable for me ie 11,1c
  11. Thank you Kmf888, Are you going under or over the muscle? When are you having your surgery? are you doing it overseas?
  12. Oh wouaw ! I'm really suprised of the size you got post op with 275cc ! 355cc might be too big for me then... ?! I'll have a look at your pics when u get my FR. Thanks heaps
  13. Hey, Boobfairy and Samiaitch, I have just sent u a FR ! Thank you so much for your replies. I have just done another rice test. But this time i have followed the 20% volume loss when going under the muscle. which meant for me 330cc - 66cc = 264 cc My little rice-implants looked so tiny, and when i tried them in my sport bra, It just looked so small... Pretty much like a B cup.. So now i'm super confused. I am going to have surgery at PIAC in january, and I really want Silimed Furry ( PU ) implants.. They only have 2 size implants available, either 325cc or 355cc. Since
  14. Hi boobfairy, May I ask, what type of implants did u get? PU implants or mentor? And did u go under the muscle or over? I wanted to get 330cc as advised by Dr Flemming in brisbane, But PIAC only have 325cc, i know there is only 5cc of difference, but now, I am worried I am going too small. I'd love to fill a D cup !! Could i have a look at your before after pics?
  15. 40,000 bath is to order the Pu implants. and the surgery all up costs 165,000 baht. Hey lois1964, what are your stats and for how many cc are u going for? I am booked with Dr boonchai already and PIAC have secured a pair of 325cc PU implants, But I am still deciding between PIAC or bangkok hospital phuket. If BHP offers a bigger range of PU implants, I might actually have my surgery over there, altho there is quite a big difference in the cost !
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