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  1. Ummmm, did u think no one would notice? They are good! So I took my five year old to the movies and at one point she wanted to sit on my lap. She leaned back to watch and have a cuddle, it would of applied a little pressure on my chest. When she sat up, not too long after I felt movement. And then felt funny. Didn't hurt. I'm now worried I've damaged something. My nipples are sensitive but mainly on one side. And I feel a little sinewy in my cleavage when I feel....not sure I could feel anything but soft skin beforehand....I also think my cleavage is closer ...but I don't know if I'm just looking for things. Hubby thinks they look no different... got a little upset tonight thinking about it, it's been 2 days. I think I might just message the nurse to see what she thinks. Gahh
  2. You are all looking so good, ren77 hopeur tummy isn't too sore for long, my girlfriend had lipo on her tummy with a mini tummy tuck and was sent home same day. Said she felt like she was dying but I'd say that's more from the tuck. Kazza u r looking very trim, u can start wearing ur daughters clothes!! Lol Bluegumboot urs look very natural, I was told not much change now too at 3 months +. I'm left wanting a little more, but dr m gave me what I asked for, I think I just got used to them quickly and then wanted more again lol. attached some pics
  3. @VaticinalI wear my compression if theyre clean and a tight crop if they are not.
  4. Oh ok, I suppose we use our right arm a lot more than left! Mine are not perfectly symmetrical but weren't beforehand either apparently. I hope u are ok and happy. ?
  5. Bearynice are you ok? I didn't see your post about suspected bottoming out til now.
  6. I hope u didn't buy any 10dd? With intimo I mean. I tried on some 12 D last night and they seem like a good fit, only one felt small in cup. So nice to be able to choose any bra now! my dr m appointment went well. He said they won't change much from what I have now, a few ml off the upper pole and that's it. Softening will bring cleavage together a little more. Siltape now until I run out or 3 months. he asked me to send in some photos for Insta but has anyone here mastered the art of a good boobie photo lol, mine look so pedestrian!
  7. Yeah, he has given me exactly what he said I would get. He did say on surgery day that the 420 would take me to an E and I said ooh ok, maybe just see how both sizes look and choose the best. (I wanted D) so now with 420 I'm wondering if I'll reach E or if I'm finished with drop and fluff
  8. I was measured by intimo on the weekend and I'm a 12D, bought some nice bras for a sweet fortune. ive got my 9 week check up with dr m today! I'll be asking what changes I'll see from here onwards etc, should I ask anything else? feeling really comfortable with my boobs now, feeling part of me! Oh! And my seven year old said I have a butt crack on my chest now....is that his way of saying I know you've had them done???? ??
  9. @Maddz could u try some rescue remedy or yoga/meditation to help?
  10. Haha! I just bought two at Kmart today , they are quite supportive too! It's the only way for a half decent white bra no wire!
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