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    BA 315CC Brazilian Tear Drops, Under the muscle
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    Dr. Harwood 26.11.2012
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    169cm / 68kg / 12B

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  1. hi, I am 3 years post-op now and still unhappy with my scars. I have added my pictures so you can see what I am dealing with and hopefully some of you can give me some tips, ideas and recommendations. I have been using bio oil for some time now, but want something a bit more invasive to get better results. I am 3 years post-op, and YES I probably should have done something more invasive at the time when the scars where 'fresh' but I am a goose, and didn't do anything! Would love to hear from anyone who can recommend a good product or treatment
  2. Hi Jo31, I loved my surgeon...Dr.Harwood....you can not fault him, him & his team are amazing!!! I am hopping to go 2 sizes up from c/d to d/e. I live in London now, but am interested in having the procedure done by Harwood again
  3. Hi ladies, who has had tear drop implants removed or know of any success stories? I love my boobies, but I want bigger ones now & I am curious of any complications removing tear drops. Haven't yet decided whether I will get tear drop or rounds put back in??? ,,,,,,any one know of any experiences? Would love to hear from anyone xx
  4. Hi Ladies ​ Has anyone of you had any treatment to reduce the appearance of your scars? Mine are the usual size but are very red/purple around the actual scar. I am nearly 1 year to the day of my surgery, and I think it is time I tried to reduce the appearance. It hasn't really bothered me till now. There is a lot out there on the market; creams and laser, and all very expensive - but I would love to hear any experiences you all may have had? Look forward to hearing from you!! x
  5. Hi littlelumps89, my morning boob pain stopped this week and i am now a month since my BA. You shouldn't be to far away from the pain subsiding - maybe whip out some frozen peas to get some relief???
  6. I am SO happy! :) Can't believe its been one month for you already..time flies! How are you going? I'm waiting for the photo uploader to work so I can put up some photos x

  7. Hi Kylie, how was your surgery??

  8. So, how did it all go??? Are you happy or are you happy??? :)

  9. Hi EmClare!! Boobs are going ok, I have had some issues with my left one tho. It has filled with fluid so I am on some meds to try fix it, but I am not sure they are doing the trick :( But other than that they are going very swell :) I still love them!!! Not long till your big day!!!! :)

  10. Hi how are you going? :) How are your boobs doing? :p Hope they have softened a bit since a few days ago! x

  11. Hi Ladies, So I saw my doc this afternoon after work and I explained the about to him. After examining me, he confirmed that there was more fluid in the Left breast than the right. Now I am on some med to help drain the fluid out! The is totally my wrong doing by wearing a bra that was WAY to small for me to soon!! I will update next week how the meds go and I will try post a pic soon But I still love my new girls and Dr. H was happy how everything else had come along
  12. Hi ladies, can anyone relate to the situation that I am in. Wednesday (9 Days Post Op) I wore a post OP bra out & came home in agony. I would have spent 6-8 hours in this bra. No wires; 10D. I was still wearing my PO OP surgery bra given to me at the clinic, which was a tiny bit to big but still had great support. Prior to this I had no pain and was healing quite well. Dr. H had written 'Perfect' on my file when I came in for my 1 week check. Since waking Thursday morning, I have noticed that my boobs have hardened, worrying me I have early sings of CC. I have 2 bruises in on the top of my nipples on both breast in the same position; I am guessing from my bra I wore on Wednesday night? My breast are even more sensitive and I have the dreaded morning boob ache which I hadn't had for 2 days prior wearing the 10D bra. Also my post OP bra from the clinic is now tight on me!!! I don't know if I am over reacting as there are many changes that you experience after having a BA, but I was feeling no pain and my boobs where soft NOW they are the extreme opposite. I am going to try see my doc this week and get his advice, but wanted to know if any girls out there have had anything similar happen to them????
  13. HI Girls, Today is Day 3 post op and the pain is minimal and it was much easier getting out of bed. I have only taken 1 mild pain relief table and have one bag of fronzen peas resting on my right side. I will post pics shortly of post of Day 2 and later Day 3. I haven't needed to change my bra as it was suggested to buy a bra the next size up, which makes me believe maybe I haven't swelled up as much as i was expected to???? Has anyone had to change from there post op bra into a bigger bra?
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