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  1. I put new 9 week post op photos up if anyone wants to see them. Very happy with how everything healed. Hoping to go back to the gym next week.
  2. Hi again, I ve been doing some googling and found this. http://www.realself.com/question/flat-stomach-after-tummy-tuck1 It sort of explains why sometimes we don't end up with a totally flat stomach even after tt surgery. I ve noticed that my belly is getting less flat. I have to suck it in a tiny bit to make it flat. Otherwise I still look 3 months pg.
  3. Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I wish I had an answer. I'd definitely try the low carb diet for a bit to see of it makes any difference.
  4. Thanks girls. I had a bl without implants so no pocket stitches. I always make sure everything is as sterile as possible.
  5. Bettering me- I ve added you as a friend and my inbox is now empty. Since I removed that blue stitch in week 3 I noticed that the right areola flattened out more/ no more puckering but that also meant that it now looks about 1.5cm bigger in diameter then the left one which scares me a bit. I'm hoping this will even out. Over the last few weeks I ve had heaps of stitches come up. They are clear ones and feel harder like fishing line. So far I ve been cutting them off as much as possible but it freaks me out that me pulling out stitches on my right areola seemed to have such as effect on the shape. I just dont want to mess anything up. Swelling has gone down quite a bit. I lost my measuring tape but I can pull my belt like 10 cm tighter now. I really need to get back to clean eating after Easter and I can't wait till I can go back to the gym. I have no pain at all just really itchy on the scar over my hip bones. Maybe it s extra tight there. Sometimes I have to put ice on it to make the itchiness go away.
  6. Since about 1 week post op I've had stitches come up through the incisions. First they were mostly dark blue ones with a tiny knot in them. I just pull on them with tweezers and cut below the knot. Fairly easy. But for the last 2 weeks I m getting more of the fishing line type stitches. Like clear harder plastic. I think they must be dissolvable ones that have come to the surface. These ones don't usually have knots to cut and often I can't just pull them out. They seem to be attached inside so all I can do is pull the bit above the skin out and then cut it off but the rest is left below the skin. So I was wondering what others have been told by their ps. Is it ok to cut them? I'm always worried that I'm cutting something that has a vital role in holding my bl together and that I ll mess up the results of my surgery. But I can't go to the gp for every stitch. I get like 4-5 a week at the moment. So what do you do?
  7. I do understand that a lift carries some extra risks and maybe means wasted money if you haven't had kids yet but it seems to me like a lot of girls are more worried about needing lifts then necessary. I had an anchor lift no implants done 4 weeks ago. In the consult my surgeon said he could get away with only doing a lollipop lift but I actually requested the full anchor. Who cares about an extra scar in the crease that ll be hidden anyway. It turns out my surgeon did such an amazing job that my anchor scars are barely visible already. He did really tiny stitches. And the around the nipple ones are just a thin red line. So I think if you can find a great surgeon you don't have to be worried about a lift. You ll probably end up getting a nicer result. Good luck.
  8. It wasn't actually my surgeon who insisted on the tape. He said nothing on it is fine. My friend who works in plastic surgery suggested the tape for better scarring. Since taking it off yesterday they are still pinkish but much less itchy so I'm hoping it was an allergy. Thanks for your replies.
  9. No it doesn't feel hot. And the anchor incisions seem totally unaffected.
  10. I just googled and maybe it could be an allergic reaction to the micropore tape. I'm leaving it off for now.
  11. I'm close to 4 weeks post op. I keep my incision covered by micropore tape and so far everything was healing really well. Over the last few days since I last changed my tape on Sunday my nipples started to get really itchy. I know itchiness can just be a sign of it healing well so I didn't pay too much attention but tonight I took the take off and the around the areola incisions look red/ pink. Not really bad but more than before. And like I said they are really itchy. I'm wondering if These are early signs of an infection?
  12. I put up my 3 week post op photos yesterday. Time is flying. Everything is still healing nicely. I'm trying to be really good and wear my compression garments pretty much 24/7. Can't wait till I ont have to anymore. I ve had to pull a few stitches around my right areola yesterday. I hadn't even seen them before so I'm not sure if the surgeon missed a few or if a second layer has come more to the surface. Was not problem though. I also pulled 3 from my belly button last week and 1 fom my hip 2 nd week out of hospital. The micropore take is doing a nice job at keep the incisions flat. Swelling hasn't changed much.
  13. I'm 3 weeks post op breast lift without implants. I was a saggy D before and am now the same cup size but very perky. I'm over the moon with my results. I also had a areola reduction with my lift and mine was a full anchor lift. I ve got photos up. Barely any pain. Surgeon was Dr. Thiti at Bangpakok 9 international hospital organized through medi makeovers who were amazing. Dr. Thiti was great. Very friendly, hardworking, very skilled. He did my lower body lift too. Cost was 160 000 baht for the full lift plus areola reduction. 3 weeks post op my incisions are so thin they re already barely visible.
  14. I wanted to wish you good luck. From all the you tube videos I know that it s common in America to go home the same day but I'm guessing it has to do a lot with saving costs. Just as it does here. I had a lower body lift with mr done 2 weeks ago in Thailand and my recovery was great but even I would say there is no way I could have left hospital on the first day. It took 36 hours before the catheter came out and I started walking. And the iv for antibiotics, morphine was used until day 5. With a fantastic, easy recovery I d say earliest I could have left would be day 2 or 3. All the best, let us know how you re going.
  15. Hey, are you back home yet? My swelling is still pretty bad. More all over from below boobs downwards but I ve also heard about strange shapes. I hope you re recovering well.
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