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  1. Interesting comments on these two guys however they only appear to be cosmetic surgeons. My surgeon was plastic surgeon This requires much more training. Many report their breasts are great etc etc. takes a few years for them to settle in. would like to hear about anyone experiencing capsular contraction though as its quite common past the ten year mark. I have just had it start and my BA is 16 years old exactly.
  2. oh dear this sounds like me.mine are 16 years old . at 10 years i had a check because my right side felt firm after lots of floor scrubbing. of sourse right side gets more work if youre right handed. but now its happened again and the breast just isnt like the left side. im going to the doctor this week but really interested in how others felt. so an ultrasound can tell whats going on?
  3. I'm interested in what happens here. My right breast , which was a tad fuller, has become firmer . what does the surgeon do to fix
  4. So i think i have this but its after 16 years. im interested to get more info on what the surgeon has to do. My surgeon retired too.
  5. Hi I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has had their implants as long as me which is 16 years. Ten years ago I though I'd injured my breast with very vigorous floor scrubbing but it settled down. now six years later its happened again . This time as i went to the floor to do push ups I was aware of pressure in my right breast. Following that it felt a bit tender but then I had to do a lot of wall cleaning and oven scrubbing which left my breast quite firm and definitely not soft like the left. I'm off to the doctor this week but would be interested in feedback from similar experiences. if it is capsular contraction how is it fixed? my breasts were great from day one and always soft and flopped to the side when i lay down this is quite distressing .
  6. have only just joined but my story might be similar. I've had my implants 16 years. 6 years ago my right breast was firm and seemed swollen after very vigorous floor scrubbing.clearly it settled and both breast were soft. Now its happened again and a weekend of cleaning walls and oven seems to have done it.I'm off to the doctor for assessment.Just prior to that I was at a training class and when i went to the ground to do push ups felt a slight twinge in that breast. Thinking perhaps capsular cocntraction may have been the problem and this has aggravated it. what doe they do to relieve it.
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