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    Dr Piyapas 5th Feb 2013
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  1. Hey I had surgery in Thailand February last year, I went through cosmetics holidays international and could not be happier! They have a Facebook page and website I'm going to Thailand next month for a holiday and I'm gonna get a checkup while I'm there But id definitely recommend Thailand! I have nothing bad to say about the hospital or anything
  2. I havent really had boobie greed but I think thats merely because I know I couldnt fit bigger. Sometimes I wish they were a little bigger but I dont think about it too often
  3. You should definitely get at LEAST an E with 600! Im the same height as you, I only had 300 and 275 and I measure a DD or an E - Only really look like a D though
  4. oh my gosh! Mine is definitely not that bad... Reminds me of the witches feet under the house in Wizard of Oz haha. But Im only 4 months post op what if mine gets like that I don't want to leave them like that but I don't want surgery again any time soon. This sucks
  5. Yeah if it is that I'm not bothered unless it means i need surgery or something
  6. Hi Girls, Im almost 4 months post op and this morning as I was getting dressed I must have had my chest muscles tensed and noticed in the mirror that there is a crease in my boob Ive never really looked in the mirror when tensing before so not sure how long its been like it. Its only when I tense, otherwise it looks normal but ahh has anyone else had this? Is it capsular contracture? Or just like a double bubble..Ive emailed my surgeon but it just sucks waiting for him to reply It doesn't hurt or anything. My friend said it could be muscle flex deformity.. has anyone had this??
  7. 300cc will definitely not be too big!! Im about 164-165cm tall and 275 left and 300 right were the biggest implants I could fit but I would like them a bit bigger. I only wanted to be a D - but honestly its best to not think about bra sizes. A natural D will look a lot bigger than a fake D. I now measure 10DD or 8E, but I only look like a big C or a D if I wear a padded bra.
  8. could be spitting stitches! I had it at about 7 weeks as well, it was a little bump, I thought it was a scab at first then I was being naughty and picking at it and noticed the end of a stitch. My surgeons recommendations were just to make sure its clean and put steri strips over the top. I had a few come through on both sides but after a few weeks they went. Annoying though! Cha Cha had them too and if you have her as a friend she has photos of it
  9. My friend was a 10E originally but they were quite saggy. She had a lift and a small around 200cc implant and now she is still a 10E but they are perfect! Perfect size and shape.. If yours sag I think you'd find with a lift and small implant the shape and way they sit would make you a lot happier. If they are saggy I think you would definitely need a lift as well otherwise an implant will just make them bigger saggy boobs haha
  10. Im a DD/E cup and I only have 275/300! You must be so excited though! Good luck for surgery
  11. Hey Emma Just sent you a friend request, I had pretty much nothing and am now a DD/E so Ill let you know if yours seem bigger than mine! From photos Dr Harwood also said to me that I wouldn't fit more than 300cc and would be lucky to be a big C.... He was right about the cc size, but wrong about the bra size by a few cups!
  12. Thats what I thought but my minibar fridge had a little mini ice compartment where I kept my ice packs and it worked
  13. Bangkok Hospital Phuket is a major hospital and a very good one at that, you should look into there. I had my BA there and couldn't recommend it higher, everyone else I know who's been there is the same too! Its called Bangkok hospital but its in Phuket haha and I stayed in Phuket and so did everyone else I know, didnt get sent to Bangkok.. BHP has the JCI accreditation and is a 5 star hospital.. I had Dr piyapas, but Ive also heard good recommendations about Dr Wiitoon and Dr Pongsatorn (not sure on spelling). So its worth checking out! Theres also PIAC in phuket
  14. Thanks girls... ohh good so you think its normal lozz? Ive been massaging them to trying to 'pop' the bubbles haha
  15. Yeah mine was like that after surgery but it went flatter now hard again
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