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  1. KatherineTinkerbell got hers done in Thailand. Maybe drop her a PM
  2. I was a D and lost a heap of weight, still needed to wear a D because of the skin but would've been a B/C with just breast tissue, I'm roughly same stats as you and my 330's got me to a DD/E depending on the bra.
  3. I'm a touch taller and a touch heavier than you and got 330cc HP round brazilians was a deflated B/C now a Solid DD (sometimes E depending on the bra)
  4. BNT fitted me originally as a 10C and I laughed at her - I ended up needing s 10E. Now I've softened into a 10DD/E depending on the bra. Just went and bought 3 new playboy ones. Love them
  5. I didn't have to take out any of mine (twilight). Just ask tomorrow at your consult.
  6. Dr H probably didn't recommend Dr Flemming because he isn't a plastic surgeon - only a Cosmetic (same as Dr H) so not qualified to do lifts which is what he believes you need. If you can get a referral from your GP you can get a medicare rebate on consult fees. I saw Dr Richardson in the Valley and his consult was $150 and I got about half of it back. He was really good and was $10,500 in Brisbane of $9900 in Gold Coast (Prices from December last year).
  7. Naww thanks Don. Dr Fleming and Dr Harwood are both Cosmetic surgeons, but both specialise in boobs so are fantastic at what they do.
  8. Hey Olesya, I would try Dr Richardson. He doesn't offer Brazilians as his first option but I'm pretty sure if you insisted he may do it? If you get a referral from your GP you get a medicare rebate on his consult ($75 back of $150 last year roughly I think). He does some great work too!
  9. This'll be interesting. I tried a seaweed one years ago that did nothing but make my skin smell weird LOL
  10. I only wore the post op bra for about 36 hours before the swelling got way to bad and it was hurting! Then I moved to Ahh bras/sports bras. I only bought one LJ crop in an XS and my nipples fall out of it.
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