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    renkim reacted to lexy in experiences with andrew greensmith?   
    Hey guys,

    So I am considering booking with Greensmith in November for a Septorhinoplasty as I have what he said was a 'significantly deviated septum on my left).. I actually was only going for cosmetic purposes but turns out that after getting my tonsils out my breathing hasn't been as improved as it could be!

    To give you jellybabii an idea of cost without private health insurance, here is break down of what I was quoted:
    - Surgical Fee $12,300 minus $940 or so which I can claim with my item numbers from Medicare
    - Anaesthetic Fee $1800
    - Hospital Fees $2500-$3000 (However his pa did tell me that if I was looking to do this surgery economically that I can book at their cheaper rooms, so big green tick there lol)
    In total I am looking at approximately $16,100 odd.

    As for what I am actually doing it is all mainly work on my profile view, with slight adjustments to my frontal view to suit the changes and accommodate those that will be made on my profile..These are as follows:
    - Reducing the hump on my nose quite substantially for my skin type but also conservatively enough so that the results are as natural as possible
    - Lifting my tip slightly as at the moment when I smile with my teeth it points downwards which causes me to look like a witch! So that will stop this from happening.
    - There is a small bone at the base of your nose that you can feel if you press your finger directly under your nostril, mine is too far out, so he will be reducing the size of this bone slightly to bring everything else into proportion!
    - Narrowing my nose on a front view ever so slightly so that it accommodates for the changes to my profile as Andrew explained to me that by removing the hump there is excess skin that may make my nose look wide, and to counter this they will narrow it slightly just to give it a better shape.

    I think that's about it! If I missed anything, I will post it at a later stage...

    In regards to the consult itself it definitely cost me $265 (I just checked everything) and that was for a good hour of photo imaging, talking and questions.

    Also to get an idea of how the whole meeting went, here is my story which will hopefully give you guys or anybody else an idea of what the initial consult is like..

    When I arrived I had photos taken by the photographer on the Vectra machine (which I was told costs 100k in itself so not many places can afford to have them). I was also requested to sign off on some photo forms stating whether or not I was happy for my photos to be used as 1. part of my medical file, 2. for conferences etc on plastic surgery 3. online and on his website. Once all of this was done I was sat down to wait and then Andrew greeted me.

    Firstly he pulled out all of my photos and had them on the table, he then proceeded to confirm my medical history and medications listed were all correct and basically just confirmed everything I had written on the initial form I filled out when walking into the building. After this he sat me under a light and looked up my nose and also felt the skin on my nose as well as the bone. From this he was able to tell me realistically what could/couldn't be done as I have relatively thick skin at the tip of my nose (which he said is quite common), but towards the bridge it is a little bit more workable as it is not AS thick.. He also checked where my forehead, nose and chin sit in relation to each other and confirmed for me that my face is well proportioned (aside from my nose obviously), and asymmetry is clearly no issue for me.

    From this he then continued to the photo imaging and firstly did everything he thought needed to be done all the while explaining everything and telling me why he was making those changes. He then asked me what I wanted to change and if there was anything he may have done/not done that i wasn't happy with, or that I didn't have in my head to do.. Lucky for me, everything he changed was spot on and I actually didn't need to tell him to change anything. He pretty much pinpointed everything I had done when I was playing around on plastic surgery apps and photoshop etc.

    Andrew did point out things on my nose that I had never even noticed before, and when I told him that it was never an issue because I never noticed it he did say that most people don't but he needs to make sure he points out everything he sees so that after surgery if I do notice it, I am not unhappy. His mentality is clearly to point out everything he can see beforehand to leave you with the best possible outcome after.. and I think this is the best way for a surgeon to work, because it turns out that once it was pointed out to me, I did want to change it - this was basically just a minor change in the front on view of my nose to correct an ever so slight slant that myself and everybody around me has never even realised. Following this he then proceeded to ask me if I wanted copies of the photos (which I did) and went over the recovery and any risks (which were all temporary aside from a permanently changed nose, which he joked about).. He collected the photos for me and told me to think about any questions I may have for when he got back.. He had pretty much answered everything I wanted answered though, so I had nothing else to ask.. If you guys want a list of questions and answers, let me know because I am more then happy to share!

    Following this he walked me out to his PA and she took payment and assured me that if I wanted a further appointment before booking surgery that it was perfectly okay to book again and also that if I had any questions to email them through (but if the list was extensive then to make sure I come in and see Andrew as it is better that we are on the same page with what I want).

    All in all I left feeling very content. He was confident but kept it realistic and didn't do anything even on my imaging that was an unrealistic change - so I feel like I am well prepared for what to actually expect. He also didn't try to change anything else on my face and was very kind. He was encouraging as far as going back for a second or third consult time and didn't act as if I would be wasting his time. So far I highly recommend anybody who wants a consult to see him as he did come across as ever so genuine and he really does have consideration for your pocket as well. From the moment I sat down he was trying to think of item numbers to help me save some money and even with the $940 I can save, he still admitted that unfortunately it wasn't much and he couldn't do anymore then that at this stage.

    I will let you guys know if I book and when I book and if anybody has any questions up until now, let me know.. Also, if anybody has questions that they think I should ask which I may have forgotten/left out/not even thought of asking, please let me know. As I would hope to be as educated as possible before I have a life changing surgery which will forever alter my appearance!

    Thank you !!!!
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    renkim reacted to Nosejobgirl in Rhinoplasty with Andrew Greensmith experience   
    Here are the questions I asked in the consultation.

    Are you board certified and if so, by what board?

    How experienced are you in performing rhinoplasties? (ie, how many have you done and for how many years have you done them?).

    What percentage of your practice is devoted to rhinoplasty?

    What is your percentage of happy patients?

    What is your policy on revisions?

    How long do you spend performing a rhinoplasty like mine?
    Day surgery? When can I go home?

    What are potential complications and risks in a nose like mine?

    What type of anesthesia do you use and why?

    What sort of facility do you operate in?

    What percentage of your practice is open versus closed rhinoplasty? What will you do on me

    Do you feel that you can create the type of nose that I have talked with you about?

    Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

    How long of a recovery period can I expect?

    Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for this procedure and what results are reasonable for me?

    What preparations should I take before the surgery?

    What does your quote exclude

    What pain medications, healing medication can I take?

    So yesterday I had my surgery! I got to the Avenue hospital at 6.30 in the morning, filled out paperwork, got set up in my room, had a shower with their antibacterial wash. And then waited in my room to be called around 7.30. I was very nervous so when the doctor came in to check on me he gave me half a tablet of Valium. Which was great? Even if it was only a placebo effect. I had a chat with Andrew before the surgery to confirm that we were on the same page with what i wanted. And then the nurses came and took me into surgery. I was dressed in a hospital gown and compression stockings, then the doctor put a needle in my arm for the drugs and before I knew it I was alseep.
    I woke up in recovery feeling very sick, I think I had an anxiety attack, they had an oxygen mask around my neck and lots of bandages on my face, I couldn't open my eyes from the drops the doctor put in them during surgery, a nurse day next to me while I freaked out haha. I was so exhausted it seemed impossible to move my arms so I just cried. They gave me morphine and other drugs to stop me from feeling sick. That was really my only worry, as I didn't have pain.

    I woke up at 12pm back in my room feeling no pain but super uncomfortable. My bed was sat right up so it was hard to get any sleep and I still had the drip in my arm so that wasn't comfy either. The nurses were very nice and good at their jobs, my blood pressure was checked every half and hour along with my oxygen levels.

    I pretty much still hadn't really opened my eyes much as they were still blurry from the drops.
    Around about 1pm I was able to sit up and eat a sandwich and some juice. The nurses checked for a bone graft on my ribs which freaked me out as I wasn't told that was a possibility- but thankfully they didn't end up having to do it.

    I left the hospital around 3.30 after the pharmasict gave me about 10 differnt creams, pills, sprays and ointments.
    I slept pretty much on and off all afternoon/ night.

    Day 2

    I feel great!!
    I have no pain, and I can eat pretty easily and I've got more energy today. I'm just resting watching tv. I'm so surprised how good I feel!
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