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    Dr Richardson 26/10/16
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  1. Thank you. I got 390cc round silicone unders.
  2. Im 4 weeks post op with Dr Richardson now and had a great experience. Yes he is pretty quiet but made me feel totally relaxed and answers any questions. I didnt really know much about implants going into initial consultation but he told me everything he recommended to get what I wanted and so happy with how they have turned out.
  3. Im so bloated aswell. I look pregnant! I took my stockings off this morning @BamBam My Dr said 3 days. i was dying to get them off lol Im feeling great. Havent had any pain relief since yesterday morning now. Still have heaps of bruising though!
  4. They look amazing! you must be so happy. i was practically flat and am only 2 days po now and loving them already!!
  5. @Soph132 im 165cm, 68kgs and was a 10a or b but deflated aswell after kids. i think my breast width was 12cm and i got 390cc
  6. I was starting pretty much blank palette aswell so feeling very tight! i didnt think they looked much different but after putting pics side by side i can see it now. cant wait to see them as they change and drop down from my collar bone lol
  7. Hows everyone feeling today? im finding this alot easier than i was expecting! Ive only taken a valium this morning as my muscles were sooo tight and sore and no more pain relief today. Will I stay like this or does it get worse? lol
  8. Thats great you are loving your results so far! They look great! Cant wait until mine look more like boobs haha I just got myself stuck! Woke up on my side but still elevated. Had to wake my husband (again) to roll me over to get up lol.
  9. Hi! I had my surgery with Dr Richardson yesterday and couldnt fault anything. Him and his staff have been amazing and so far am loving my results ??
  10. Wow i was told to ice 20mins of every hour for the first 3 days. The ice feels so nice on them.
  11. Good luck for tomorrow ladies @Nicola and @Kenzo x
  12. So glad yours went well @BamBam I just got home and feeling feeling good so far! Im too scared to look at them though hahaha.
  13. @Honeycakes im 165cms. 68kgs and pretty much flat. Wear a 10a or b. Im getting 390cc.
  14. Thanks so much @AndyDe. Yours are looking great! I love seeing everyones results! I keep second guessing the size ive chosen. Some people look smallish with that size then i see others that look huge! I guess i just have to trust what i have originally chosen and stop thinking about it lol
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