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  1. Hi my quote was around $15000 Aussie for full TT, breast reduction and Lipo to hips
  2. Can you please message me mum05 i really want to get into Dr Boonchai ASAP. Was going through MedAsia and going in 6th November but have changed my mind!! Need advice on how to organise everything if I can possibly get in with him this soon! thanks so much
  3. Hi guys. I'd really like some advice! I'd love to use Dr Boonchai as well. Did you book directly through him or through company? Where are you staying? I'm taking my partner and young daughter as well. Other companies have suggested 7 nights in hospital but he recommends only 3. I'm nervous I may need some assistance once back at hotel and don't want to rely too heavily on my partner. Any advice?? I want to book ASAP.... Like November! Hope to to hear from you soon!!
  4. I'd like to know too please? Who did you use Holly101?
  5. How did everyone go? Looking at going in November with Dr Pornthep need to book really soon so wound love feedback! Xx
  6. Hi have also posted in BR topic. Has anyone used MedAsia or heard anything about them? Supposedly biggest company but can't any reviews? Help please!!
  7. I'm wondering if anyone here has gone through MedAsia? I cannot find any reviews or anything about my suggested surgeon Dr Angkana? Lookung to go in November for BR with a lift and TT with Lipo. Would much appreciate any feedback please xx
  8. Hi Murphy im just going through process of choosing a company and a surgeon and hospital. I'm so nervous!!!! Can you tell me who you went through, hospital ect?? How are you feeling now. Thanks so much!! Mum looking at nib options and Dr V or DR B or dr P lol any advice out there? X
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