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    Dr Harwood - 8th March 2013
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  1. Long time no talk :) How did your surgery go? Everything going ok so far??

  2. Jordan how is your recovery going? :) are you loving your new 330s?

  3. Hi Jordan hope you are well, I'm just stalking you for some more pics!

  4. Hi Ladies, Sorry I haven't been on here in a few days this journey has been a bit overwhelming! So I will break it down so far Surgery Day: As I said surgery went smoothly and had the 330cc unders high profile rounds put in. Bit nauseous and tired for the rest of the day but overall didn't feel too bad. Had some gf's come over to say hello. Day 1: Woke up sore as can be expected - took medicine as instructed and felt full all the time having to snack every four hours for pain killers and antibiotics. Had my best friends 21st which I couldn't miss so I got help to get ready in an easy dress and went for roughly two hours before I started getting a sore back and cold sweats. Came home and went straight to sleep. Day 2: WORST MORNING EVER!!!! I woke up in absolute agony and crying haha. I have had a fair bit of swelling around my ribs which made it painful for the surgery bra. I have been swapping between the one from Dr H, The target post op bra I bought and the last two days an LJ crop. Please note I have had to take the pain killers every four to six hours, sleeping tablets at night and only took valium for the first three days but it made me very emotional so I stopped. Day 3: Still painful.. Was getting very sad and over the pain.. Feeling sorry for my mum having to do everything for me. Day 4: Was a lot like Day 2, the spasms and stretching of the boobs was just very uncomfortable and painful but just laid down for majority of the day. Day 5: TODAY!! Woke up feeling much better can actually lift myself up of the couch. Still obviously a bit of discomfort and I can't walk for more than 20 minutes without getting a sore back haha. TIPS: I need to pick my shoulders back, it has been painful so I was hunched. Definitely have Coloxyl or some sore of laxative - I didnt go until the end of Day 4 = bloating and sore cramps! Absolutely loving my boobies and I would recommend Dr H to anyone!! I definitely wouldn't say it hasn't been painful or an easy journey but definitely worth it!
  5. Hi All, So as some of you may know I was going to Thailand for my surgery. Unfortunately it just didn't feel right for me so I decided to stick with my initial consult with Dr Harwood. I didn't feel nervous at all right up until the morning of surgery. We showed up at the clinic half an hour before it opened as we didnt want to get stuck in traffic. I was feeling more worried about sizing, going under, etc.Dr Harwood made me feel comfortable from the moment he opened the door. We filled out all the paperwork and then I went in and he started drawing on me. at this point I got a little upset and teary and he told me it was my special day and kept asking me other questions to distract me. I got on the surgery bed and he rubbed my head as the nurse put my cannula in. He told me he was giving me some wine like he says to every one else and I felt a little woozy and then gave me another one and I was gone hehe I remember waking up laying on the bed looking at my mum and next thing I looked at my big boobies poking up in the air!! All I could say was boobies I have boobies hahaha. They then dressed me and took me into the recovery room where I couldn't go back to sleep. I just sat asking my mum the same questions over and over and she kept making me laugh which hurt even more hahah. I felt pretty good all yesterday only had two naps and had my friends over for a visit. I ate some toast and fruit and had a little bit of curry for dinner. I felt pretty good. I then slept for nine hours and woke up in a fair amount of pain this morning. I have only taken the bare minimum of pain relief and valium.. The time I need it is getting less. Anyway feeling a bit tender today but still going well. Not as much pain as I thought I would be in.. Will keep everyone updated
  6. Hi Jordan hope your recovery is going well, can't wait to hear all about it and hopefully see some pics!

  7. Hi Ladies, Just letting you know I got my surgery yesterday all went well! I will write up a story this morning for you all to read! I am so so happy already and can see they are going to settle amazingly!!! Aahhhh so glad it's all over
  8. No worries! Surgery went well! I was feelin pretty good yesterday and little bit sore. Had nine hours sleep and woke up at 5 this morning so sore I couldn't get out of bed haha had to get my mum to pull me out. Had some pain killers and Valium and feeling good again now :) just a bit tender! And had to stretch my bra this morning coz its so tight! I absolutely love them already they look so good! 330 is also a great size!! X

  9. Hi Jordan24 :) I saw that your surgery is tomorrow! how exciting! I am also getting 330 cc round HP with Dr Harwood in just over 5 weeks time :D I think I sent you a FR a few months ago when I was a newbie and I'm not sure if I posted a message with the request so I apologise for that! good luck for tomorrow and happy healing :)

  10. 1 more sleep for me! I am very excited! I fly out of where I live tonight to Brisbane. I am not feeling nervous as yet and I am not sure why haha. Will let you know how I go tomorrow!! WOOHOO x
  11. Hope you don't mind the fr :) we have similar stats!

  12. Good luck today! Soon it will all be over and you will have some amazing new boobies!!
  13. Good luck!! Will all be thinking of you!
  14. I have to pinch myself, I can't believe I actually did this and the heard bit of over. 2 weeks of discomfort for a lifetime of awesome boobs!! I even find my husband staring at me with a new twinkle in is eye lol All I can say is the kids are eating an awful lot of ice cream at the moment he he he I look forward to reading your story :)

  15. It really is a great forum! Yes I felt really comfortable with dr harwood! My max is 330cc and in the brazilian implants :) can't wait!!

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