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  1. It has come around quickly now as I fly out on Monday for Bangkok. Excited and nervous at the same time. Surgery next Wednesday so will let you know how it all goes
  2. Hi I am having BL BA and TT and lipo cost under $15000 in bangkok in March
  3. Hi on topdocs.asia they have the recovery suites at the Maitria with heathcarehands there. So you get accommodation of your choice and have 5-7 post op nursing service. I am booked with Dr Boonchai 15th March and have booked this service for accommodation and care as going alone
  4. Liv thanks for your words, they are very reassuring in booking Dr Boonchai, i look forward to hearing about your journey and your recovery. I know from joining these forums, lots of new friendships and insights are made to help each person on their journeys in getting cosmetic surgery. Take care
  5. Booked in with Dr Boonchai for surgery 15th March, anyone else travelling then, Am going alone would look forward to catching up and sharing journey
  6. Thats fantastic to hear, Dr Boonchai gave you what you wanted and all is well. look forward to hearing about your recovery. take care post op
  7. I have booked with Dr Boonchai in Bangkok, after much research through here and other sites. Have checked out some of the cosmetic groups too. Its great you are covered for some of your costs. I am an aussie from Sydney who lives in NZ now, not much of a health system as compared to back home. My husband has been very supportive and willing to pay, even flying me after it all back business class, so I will return a new me in style. Looking forward to hearing about your journey too
  8. wishing you a safe journey as you take off tomorrow
  9. Hi I am doing a tt, BL and Ba in March in Bangkok, so have also done lots of research in preparation as well before booking, afraid though my kids are all grown up with my baby being 17,
  10. I am hoping to see Dr Boonchai mid march. Where are you staying? seeing you are going alone have you booked and assistance such as "healthhandscare
  11. I am just looking inti using Cosmetic for next year so your feedback is very interesting
  12. Hi Murphy I am interested in your journey, and what you are sharing, i am also in my research stage in making these big decisions in now focusing on me, for changes to happen next March. Any information on how you got to here is appreciated and hopefully a distraction in your healing process
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