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  1. @Honeycakes ur right 8 weeks it supposed to be, I was really sore without the siltape so I started using it early before time? @Yollie thanks to u as well u guys have been really helpful .
  2. @Yollie omg u really look amazing ,I feel a lot better my incision is better now,still abit sore but better with the siltape??
  3. @boobiesforme I hope u feeling better Hun,I had my surgery on the 3rd which was on Thursday and went back to work on Saturday the 12th,I was abit sore but I managed tho was very hard been in a nursing industry lots of manual handling. I think u'll be ok Hun
  4. @Yollie I think she said from 8 weeks onwards u can use it, and guess what ?I used my siltape today, my incision was very sore and swollen a little, I think it was from too much movements at work , so I had to put the siltape and I plan on using it every time am at work,it did help a lot today.
  5. @Yollie and @Honeycakes sorry ladie I meant to say my post op appointment, how are you ladies going with the girls ? Am due to take off my dressing tomorrow, but lately have been so itch, & I feel like removing them ?
  6. @Yollieno am actually a brissy girl but was thinking of using it when I go for revision don't know when tho but the voucher last 6 months if am not mistaken, have u been shopping for the girls? How are you finding your old clothes fitting alright?
  7. @Yollie thanks Hun am recoverying very well, and how are you feeling?last Saturday I started going to work, pain wise it's better everyday tho sometimes I get like sharp pains which only lasts a minute or so,am in love with my girls, thanks to all of you ladies u made this journey easy for me,xoxo @Yollie& @Honeycakes did u get the $100 gift voucher to use in dr m's medi spa? Am thinking of non surgical eyebrow lift, which is $100, what do u want to use it for?also I can't remember when the nurse said I should take the dressing off is it after 2weeks or 3 weeks ?? Am also wondering
  8. @boobiesforme thank u Hun @Courtney_22 good lucky today Hun
  9. Hi ladies can I ask how much dr m quoted you for just a lift?
  10. @boobiesforme thank u Hun
  11. Thanks @Yollie @Honeycakes @Skye5, how are you feeling ladies? @Loredana I had mine done on the 3rd & am still constipated,right not am having green tea,hopefully it helps. @Madison.96 I hope u feeling better, I had nausea too,and yesterday morning mistakenly took 2 endone for Panamax ,hoo my god, I got sick, I had nausea over the top,was drowsy ,then I vomited,so no more endone for me lol
  12. Hi ladies am 6 days post op & I feel better today tho still constipated,
  13. @Skye5 good luck today honey, I hope u feeling relaxed and ready,xoxo
  14. @Honeycakes I did. But am staying at my aunties . Am just about to look for flights back to brissy tomorrow. But I need to see the nurse about 11
  15. @Honeycakes I feel better now, I just had a shower,took all my meds, had lunch now relaxing, hopefully I'll be ok to carry my bags tomorrow, I miss home lol Thanks @Yollie, I feel better now , my aneastetist was dr da silver , yeah I was at Bondi private hospital.
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