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  1. I was looking at staying at the recovery residences and they have nurses there You can book through top.doc.asia direct with doctor
  2. Hey guys I am booked In for 9th January 2017 with dr boonchai. cant wait, going by myself
  3. PPSI is that the hotel? i have been looking through top.asia.doc just worried and scared I guess. Which doctor did you choose
  4. Hello, I just wanted to check what the average price is for a tummy tuck in Brisbane . have been quoted $13k thanks
  5. Has anyone had a tummy tuck done with before and after photos with dr philip Richardson in Brisbane at all?
  6. I am not at my weight I want to be. im about 76 kg and I would like to be around 63kg so just widening whether I should wait till I get a lower weight
  7. Hello I just emailed cosmeditour about costs for a tummy tuck, was wanting to go in December
  8. Just a question, how old is your youngest child. when is the right time to have a tummy tuck
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