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    Silimed round (maximum) textured 565cc moderate profile implants placed under the muscle through a crease incision.
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    December 6th 2012
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    14B hoping for 14D or DD

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  1. I have developed cc in my left side.. Started noticing the difference at about 7 months... Currently waiting to see if it gets an worse or stays about the same. myn isn't painful but I do have extricated movement of the implant and it does sit higher than the right side which I notice quite a bit. Wen I have showed others the hadn't noticed yet. I have 565cc textured under the muscle. Never thought I would get it but its just pot luck I think, if your body is prone to that sort of reaction type of thing. I will eventually have it fixed as I can also see the definition between my ol
  2. Get yourself some baby oil and rub over the top of the tape where attached to your skin.... Should help the sticky fail and come off easier
  3. Wait!! I didn't and so far have lost 15kg since my BA. They have changed so much and aren't what I wanted anymore. I still have another 10kg to lose minimum and thinking I will now need to go back for revision to have a mini lift and potentially change the implants as the shape and size isn't well suited anymore
  4. Biggest tip I have is to put white zinc on the scar... Helps remove the purple discolouration
  5. Your surgeons haven't told you the truth. They could have released some of the muscle to allow the implants to be closer together. I had some muscle released to do this. There is the risk of uniboob if the surgeon is not experienced enough and releases to much. Saying this if you had far apart breast to begin, there is only so much they could release so the implant would sit nicely still central under the nipple. To get more cleavage they would need to address the nipple position and also the muscle attachment.
  6. Yea they are definatley not normal scars. You will need treatment to remove colour and reduce height of them. I think people have more success with steroid injections than laser in your situation. I'd definatley be looking into something soon
  7. 7-8 is just ridiculous. I have 565cc and they are about 3.5-4cm standard insert
  8. Yea so pretty much if you don't claim in the return 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013 for medical expenses, you can't claim in next return which is the one your surgery would fall into. They are winding it down and totally getting rid of the offset apparently, only will be for aged and disabled until the new disability care fully comes into effect.
  9. I should also add... From 1 July 2013 taxpayers who claimed the Offset for the 2012‑13 income year will continue to be eligible for the Offset for the 2013‑14 income year. So if you haven't claimed on the returns being lodge right now your out of luck and can't claim in the 2014 return
  10. After paying for the cover for 12 months you going to be out of pocket at least 1000.... And who is to say they will cover that much after your excess .
  11. Just a comment of claiming on your tax return. Refer to http://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Tax-return/2013/Supplementary-tax-return/Tax-offset-questions-T4-T11/T6---Total-net-medical-expenses/ And http://www.ato.gov.au/General/New-legislation/In-detail/Direct-taxes/Income-tax-for-individuals/Net-medical-expenses-tax-offset-phase-out/ unless the surgery has a Medicare item number you pretty much cannot claim that portion. You need to use itemised statements from Medicare and private health insurer to calculate what you can claim and statements from chemist showing prescriptions filed. O
  12. I have a 13.7cm wide implant with projection of 5.5cm. They are 565cc. It depends on your breast width dimension of they will suit you. I asked for side boob and I got it. My bwd is 13cm before surgery. I wear a 16e usually and started a 14b.
  13. I didn't Clean or apply anything to my incisions. For the first 2 weeks they were covered and I didn't even get to see them, nurse changed dressing at 7 days and again at 14 days. After the first 2 weeks I then swapped to micropore tape and only rinsed with water. Id definatley see your surgeon ASAP for advice and see what he says. Each surgeon does it different
  14. Showered next day when I got home. I think they mean 3 weeks of knot getting the incision site wet at all. I bought large waterproof dressings and put them over the dressings I couldn't remove. Felt amazing to just stand there with warm water running over them as they were sore. Maybe ask if that's what you can do. Just need to be careful as water sometimes still leaks through if they aren't really good dressings, plus its expensive to buy so many dressings
  15. Sorry to hear your not happy. Don't make an decisions about what to do until you have let the, settle and see what happens. Your emotions will also be all over the place for a while. I know how you feel... My reaction was the opposite, the don't feel big enough to me( everyone says they look big, but I just don't see or fell like they are ) I cried for a few days I was so upset. When I said to the surgeon I was told I could have fitted bigger hope they settle and don't feel to big for you. When they drop into position and swelling settles they will feel much better. And remember feelin
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