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  1. How did you go ? Sorry I haven't checked here for awhile... I fly out next week would love to see your before and after !
  2. Il I will be in Bangkok from theb1-th till the 26th who is your surgeon
  3. Hey REn how did your surgery go and what was your cost for Ba and BL?
  4. @Kelburgess can you please tel me what the Facebook page is please ?
  5. Hey when are you headed to get your BA done I'm booked in with dr boonchai for a BA and BL in August. I'm so stressed some days and other days I'm fine I'm super worried il get over there and not be able to follow through because of my anxiety I hope all goes wel and please post up how you go
  6. Hey all I have my surgery booked for 12th of August with DR boonchai in Bangkok anyone going to be there around this time
  7. Brand would love to know how you go would you mind updating me with how the whole procedure went recover etc ? Are you having a ba?
  8. I think at the end of the day it doesn't matter where your recover it's your surgeon you have to be happy with my BA BL is in August next year he is also cheaper then Phuket.. anyone who is on the pill do you have to stop taking for surgery ?
  9. I will go alone if my friend doesn't come it's the only option as hubby has to stay with the kids my sister thinks I need someone to go with me but I'm really just winging it if I have to go alone while I be fine in. Normal hotel ? Surgery is now booked for the 12th of August 2017
  10. I am the same donatella . Although usable it's hubby wanting something yesterday lol and he now likes to remind me I get to learn what the word WAIT means lol
  11. Sucks when your the super organised one! Wish I could go in feb!
  12. So exciting holly ! I need the 12 months to save etc but in like I want them now ! Haha I have a friend coming to get a BL and BA done as well. then I told a friend today I had booked and she Msgd me later and said come back and see me I want to come to haha so she is going to send her photos this weekend. She will on need implants though so at least we can all wait together I have changed out accommodation 3 times already I accommodate more people who are coming with us ! Im seriously addicted to looking at boobs!
  13. Hey ladies so I am new To the forum I have got my recommendation back from dr boonchai BL and BA round implants under muscle unsure of cc at this stage until face to face I am just waiting on my confirmation that the 10th of August 2017 is available. Boonchai seems to have amazing reviews even though Im freaking out about leaving my 2 boys and hubby for so long. I just can't wait for it to come around ! Myself and a friend are going and hoping to get surgery on the same day ! I just want everything set in stone and they seem super slow at replying to emails. anyone else got surgery planned for 2017?
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