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  1. @Indiana01 did you end up getting your breasts done? How did they turn out through dr nguyen? Im planning on getting my breasts done with him on the 9th of march
  2. have any of you lovely ladies got their breast augmentation done from the cosmetic institute in QLD preferebaly within the last 2-3 years? I would love some thoughts on what you think of them? if you had a good or bad experience? ect Thankyou!
  3. Hey ladies, I was just wondering if i could get an indepth look into how you felt the first few days and the first few weeks after surgery! Eg. How you felt The first few days, the first few weeks, when were you able to lift your kids, drive a car, go swimming, wear a post op bra ect ect! The more information the better ??
  4. Hey ladies, ive got about 100 questions haha Is anyone else like me petrified to book the surgery and consult? i have the money literally in my account and cant get the nerve to call up and secure my date I have decided to go with the breast academy in the gold coast, Has anyone gone through them? Good experiences? and will most likely be having the surgery on the 18th or the 25th of november! hah whenever i decide to actually book. How long after a breast augmentation can you go swimming? And how long after a breast augmentation did you start to feel normal again? Im worried it will be too close to christmas time, which i will want to be swimming at!
  5. I would definitely get a quote from the breast academy and cosmeditours. they are the same surgery and surgeons, cosmeditours is kinda just the middle man. but i got a quote from both of them and im going with whoever is cheaper and that ended up being the breast academy! Im saving myself $500 by going through breast academy themselves (some people ive seen on here, their quotes were cheaper from cosmeditours so definitely just send 2 enquiry away and see how you go )
  6. When they were bad, they werent in gold coast, they did twilight sedation, ect ect gold coast would have different surgeons, they now do general, not twilight, the results are amazing that i ha e seen of recently ect. So it looks to me like they may have improved Its not harmful asking the question lol. Anywayysss ive decided to go with the breast academy in the gold coast, i got a quote from there thar im happy with Thankyou! I got a quote the other week from cosmeditours and thought id get a quote on monday from the breast institute to compare and im so thankful i did! Im going to save myself $500 from going directly through the breast academy! Which im happy about haha Im going to book and set a date hopefully this week sometime
  7. Yes please @ayesha79 i would love to see pictures! Could you please message me?
  8. Would you be able to tag me in the search results on here where the women are very unhappybwith their results? Ive had a search and i cant find any?
  9. Okay so the Cosmetic Institute in southport. Would love your thoughts/opinions Ive read all about the bad publicity about the surgery from years ago, but are they still like this? Are they still terrible? Looking on instagram at their posts and the personal posts real women have tagged them in, their before and after photos are just amazing, personally the best ive seen. But at the same time im really detered because of the publicity they have had. Would love your thoughts/opinions ect
  10. I think thats the one im leaning on getting Obviously unless he has another plan at the consultation! Thankyou so much for your wise words!
  11. My friend and i both sent photos on the same day, and she only got quoted 1 price (which were teardrop, i forget the brand) But i got 4 options with my quote? so i think it really does depend on the person! I think im going to book and go down in the next few weeks to have my consultation, and then have my actual operation in November, so i have plenty of time to have my consult and thoroughly think about the operation and what the doctors have told me
  12. I sent photos through and they gave my me a quote via the photos i sent I wasnt a candidate for the standard breast augmentation so Them 4 prices above were my quotes! Did you end up going ahead with the breast augmentation? How much did it end up costing you?
  13. Hello i got a quote from cosmeditours to get my breasts done and they quoted me on 4 types of implants • $5,990 Breast Augmentation - Polytech Round Implants • $6,990 Breast Augmentation - Allergan Round Implants • $6,490 Breast Augmentation - Polytech Tear Drop Implants • $7,490 Breast Augmentation - Mentor Tear Drop Implants Was wondering which implant you would recommend? When i called up i asked her about the polytech and she said it only had like a 12 month warranty so i dont think im keen on that at all! i would definitely want the lifetime warranty! Has anyone got good/bad thoughts on the allergan?? and round or overs? What is the difference really? Thankyou!
  14. What are your thoughts on polyurethane implants? i am in a nursing student and have access to scholarly, peer reviewed articles and have found this from a review of polyurethane implants after 15 years from a non-biased point of view! Results The complications evaluated included hematoma (0.6%), infection (0.4%), seroma (0.8%), rash (4.3%), wound dehiscence (0%), capsular contracture (0.4%), implant malposition (0.8%), need for revisional surgery (1.2%), implant rupture (0.7%), rippling (1.8%), and polyurethane-related cancer (0%). Regarding the aesthetic outcome, 95% of the patients expressed satisfaction with their final result. Conclusion, The polyurethane foam-covered implants have been proven safe for use in breast surgery. They provide the lowest rate of capsular contracture (0.4% in the current study) and excellent aesthetic results. this is the link here! https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00266-011-9826-5 I was just after if people recommended them or not thankyou.
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