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  1. @BamBam 2 weeks PO Went back to work on Monday which has been a bit difficult because I'm on my feet all day & having to physically move people & lift heavy awkward things is challenging. I'm exhausted by the end of the day & my back & chest is sore. In hindsight for my profession 1 more weeks rest would've been good but it feels good to move & not be stuck at home going stir crazy. Was back driving 1 week post op. I love how my boobs look. So incredibly happy with them starting to drop nicely & I've tried on clothes that look so much more amazing now I have cleavage haha. Dropping nice & evenly so far too. Sleeping on 2 pillows still but I've been occasionally sleeping on my side since Monday (13 days PO) which feels weird & not as comfortable prior to surgery but it feels better than being on my back all the time. It helps get out of bed in the morning. And morning boob isn't that bad after the first week or so Using cocoa butter daily after shower to keep skin moisturised but scar wise my surgical wound tape stuff doesn't come off until this time next week when I talk to the nurse so I'm curious to see how the scars look. @oct16
  2. I bet you're happy it all went well! Dr M just melts all your worries away & you know you're in good hands. The anaethistist was lovely as well.
  3. Got some zip up sports crops from kmart preop. They are more comfortable than the ones the surgeon gave me post op cause mine are too small & I can't breathe when I wear them & sit on my incisions. If you get the right size the carefix Anna ones are nice but more expensive.
  4. @Honeycakes Agreed Dr M is overly cautious for good reasons. Basically don't take anything haha I even asked him about glutamine & bcaa's & he was like mmmm maybe just stop like 2 days before so I did. He's the boss & I trust him 100% so whatever he said goes. Didn't need the arnica... I mean I was a bit swollen but he was so good that I barely had any bruising. Every plastic surgeon has their own rules.
  5. 1 week post op to the day. Everyone will heal differently depending on a number of factors. Every day I've been feeling better & better but I'd say days 1-4 just be prepared to take it easy & have someone at home to help you. I was either sleeping or passed out on the couch but move when you can. If you stay still for too long you get pretty stiff & then it's uncomfortable. Take your pain meds! Up until yesterday I was getting an almost unbearable tightness on my left muscle probably because it was hitting a nerve & being a pain in the ass so I was taking valium purely for that to help my muscle relax. Otherwise I felt pretty good by day 5. Sleeping is annoying too but you get used to it. Day 7 post op today went on a short drive to pick up some food and I'd say I'm almost completely independant just can't over do any stretching or anything too heavy. Still off work until the end of the week so next week will be interesting. Boobs will mostly look terrifying for the first few days. I just wish mine would hurry up & drop and fluff!! I'm just being impatient thought, that's going to take at least 12 weeks and so badly want to go the gym but everything in its own time.
  6. @Babyjhope the bleeding is stopped & everything is under control. Must've been a but scary when you saw that. Fingers crossed that bugger of a cold goes away @rachelcloud
  7. @oct16I see I'm not the only one that's having a ***** of a left tit. @Milando Day 5=Other than that I feel great the only reason I'm still on a bit of panadeine forte which I'm weaning myself off & valium regularly was because of the left boob. im running low on them though :/ I've been walking around outside, showered myself today with no help & washed my hair! Arm motion & strength is average but I keep working on it. Bloated AF still haha. And like oct16 said you're just stiff if you stop moving. So in the morning when you wake up hello morning boob!! And if you have a nap you're a bit stiff after it but once you're moving it feels fine. I just want them to drop & fluff now so bad!!!
  8. Bloody hating my muscles right now. Left pec just tightens for no reason & it effn hurts with the implant underneath!!! Right ones isn't nearly as bad. Valium helps taking once in the AM once before bed but it's the in between. How's everyone else's muscles feeling the have gone submuscular/dual plane?
  9. Depends on the surgeon I think. Usually they'll try different sizers agreed upon before the surgery, put them in, decide which one looks best then actually put in the implant. But I'd check with your surgeon first. Follow Dr Tav on snapchat if you don't already then you can get a sneak peak of what goes on during surgery.
  10. How come yours is set in stone in terms of size? Does the surgeon not try sizers during surgery?
  11. Personally I'd go a GA all the way but I could see why someone might want twilight sedation if they don't recover well from GAs. Having said that I love GA. Best sleep ever & I recover well with no after effects. But everyone is different.
  12. @Honeycakes Mmm my left breast was apparently 20 grams heavier than my right but the only time I've noticed was when he told me in my first consult haha. The photos I took pre op aren't great because of the lighting & shadows. It wasn't enough to warrant different sized implants & it doesn't bother me. I think it's more to do with how they are settling so far post op. One always drops quicker than the other. And breast will never be 100% perfect even after a BA. They are like eyebrows, more like sisters than twins I'll be sure to keep my gallery updated as things 'happen'
  13. @BamBamtechnically I count my op day as day 1 so day 4 now. I went out today feels good to move & get some movement back & be more independent especially because my bf goes back to work tomorrow. Showers are a god send. Every day is getting better & better not worse like most people say but everyone's different.
  14. Added some photos to my private gallery
  15. Just had mine done on Tuesday the thought of going out tomorrow my head & body are just like nope. Hell no. Mine was under the muscle. But everyone's different if you feel ok then give it a go I just wouldn't commit to anything. See how you feel on the day.
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