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  1. Haven't booked yet, won't be looking at surgery till around April 2017 so was thinking to see him in January.
  2. I have a history of hypertrophic scar with cesarean. During my second cesarean my obstetrician used a different stitch technique and had my stiches removed early, so I didn't form the hypertrophic scar. Anyone had hypertrophic scar with breast augmentation or a surgeon who knew how to help prevent it?
  3. Looking great. Thanks for sharing. I have slight asymmetry, so will be interested to see what he recommends in CC's to even them up.
  4. Hi, Sorry I don't have advise on sizing. But I am currently looking into a BA with Dr Broadhurst. I am interested in your experience. Thank you
  5. I am liking the before and afters on Dr Broadhurst's web page. I am regional QLD so it would be handy to have BA done by Dr Broadhurst who comes once a month to a few hospitals in Central Queensland. Would like some feedback from previous BA with him please.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I am rural Queensland and trying to figure out weather to see a PS closer to home or go to Brisbane.
  7. I'm at the researching stage. Wondering what happens if once back in Australia there is a complication, do you then need to find a Plastic Surgeon in Australia or fly back to Thailand for revision?
  8. I'm at the researching surgeons stage. How are things after your surgery with Dr Broardhurst. Did it cost more to see him in Herveybay rather then Brisbane?
  9. Do PS charge more when they travel to do the surgery at a rural town? So Dr Lindsell operates in Melbourne but he also does lists in QLD....Does he not get enough work in Melbourne? Or can he charge more rurally?
  10. Was finding so many happy customers of Dr Harwood in Brisbane, then I see he is now retired. :-( Who are some other top breast augmentation surgeons in QLD?
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