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    BA - Textured Allergan round 365cc HP
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    Dr Craig Rubenstein - January 23 2013
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    175 cm / 58kg / currently 10B

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  1. The tone of the forum does feel different these days...
  2. I have the berlei ones too Tango ;-) one in the black with pink outline and one white with a light pink outline! Able to cross the straps over the back for extra support too!
  3. I love how we all do something different I'm a Recruitment Consultant - specialise in mid-senior roles in IT and Business project services (Project Managers, Program Directors, CIO's etc...) PRO'S - Great money & excellent commission - Meet a lot of different people everyday (lots of diff nationalities, walks of life - everyone has a story) - Don't need any qualifications - I started with a great company setting up their Administration function and just worked my way up from there CON's - People are greedy and clients are stingy. - It's the only industry that at the end of t
  4. It says you can return free of charge (they pay for the postage) so I guess that takes the risk out of it
  5. Do you know if there is a store or just on line? I've found when trying them on that some DD's look good in some bras and others not so much
  6. I didn't have drains so I don't know how they work etc but if they're helping you that's great! Everyone feels a bit like a t-rex so don't worry about that Day 5 was a turning point for me and started to move a bit more freely x
  7. ouch that sounds painful having to have Dr T pushing down on it! Get some rest and wishing you a smooth recovery!
  8. Mine are still getting softer and changing 5 months on so just remember that you've still got a lot of settling and changing to do
  9. Hi Maz, I'm a 10DD and have either got mine from Bras n Things or Cotton on Body
  10. Oh wow I didn't think this technique was what you were talking about.... There was a woman on here a while ago (TheMrsForeman I think) that did video logs on Youtube - still on there - of her recovery. One of the logs was about Fast Recovery Technique but talks about moving arms etc as soon as you wake up doing circles with them etc etc - she posted it on here but I can't find it. So that's more movement based not the actual procedure
  11. Completely agree with Fox on this one - they are so similar in stats so go for sizing, projection, width that you want
  12. Hi elle, def go the 400cc. We are similar in stats (see my sig) and I could have gone bigger for sure
  13. I was give the Berlei Sports bra for post op wear but I still use it now - can cross the straps over the back for extra support
  14. Hi WhingingPom, Yes I wreckon once you soften up a little and prob drop some more you will find they fit better. I have to make sure there is no padding at all down the bottom otherwise it just doesn't fit. Im at 10DD too Give it time - I didn't start with bras until 3 months - I tried on some at the 8 week mark and found they didn't sit well then. x
  15. Yes that price is absolutely fine for Aus. I'm with Amie, I paid $14,400 x
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