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  1. Hi All, went to the surgeon today. He thinks there has been some improvement. He wants me to go back in 6 weeks, but says if he is going to do revision it won't be until at least 6 months as they can change so much. So the most impatient person in the world has to wait! @D e He did say I can go back to netball and running etc which is a bonus as I feel like I've put on 10kgs!
  2. @MILF$ The surgery will be straight away, probably next week. My bigger one is 415, was thinking 450 but that's probably not going to give much of difference. I'll speak to the surgeon and see what he will charge to swap the other one out too.
  3. @MILF$ No it hasn't. I'm back to the surgeon on Thursday. Think I'll be getting it changed over. Was going to be cheeky and ask to get them both changed to bigger, as having a bit of boob greed!!
  4. @Mummyof3 @Milfy wannabe Im going back on the 27th April to see what he says. I have a 415 in my right and 365 in my left. Not sure why he is talking revisions so soon, but just thinks it's the implant size not swelling. He didn't mention capsular contraction at all.
  5. I paid $9800, plastic surgeon.
  6. I'm 3 weeks now, have to wait another 3 weeks just in case it all settles. I don't believe I'll be out of pocket.
  7. Update: Saw my surgeon, he is talking revision. Swapping my left implant for a bigger one ?
  8. @MJess @Summerholiday I had a 415 put in my right which is the one that is now bigger, there is a 365 in the left. They appeared the same after surgery, it was only last night when I took a pic that they are different. I am assuming swelling as I have a 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old that I always carry on my right.
  9. I'm 17DPO and only noticed my right is bigger when I took a pic last night! Now freaking myself out! It is my dominant side though, have my appnt on Tuesday, so long to wait!!
  10. I am 16DPO under the muscle, I am fine, doing everything. Have a 2 1/2 & 1 1/2 year old and have picked them up since 7DPO. My surgeon just said if something hurts don't push through the pain. Mine look fine with clothes on, but fake and tight naked!
  11. I did meet Guy Watts also and he is lovely, but went with Dr Briggs
  12. I just had Dr Briggs and could not recommend him highly enough!
  13. I feel the need to write a review or let all the Perth ladies know about this surgeon. I am currently 6DPO breast augmentation and I just can't believe how easy the whole process has been. Day surgery, absolutely fantastic. Anaesthetist-Amazing. Was on the table at 8:15am, Mum picked me up at 12:30, also had an umbilical hernia fixed. Walked out of there, was hungry and dying for a coffee! Was down at Coles the following morning. He believes in a rapid recovery program which consists of exercises which you start doing as soon as you wake up from surgery. Also uses the Keller Funnel technique. I can honestly say I have had no pain, maybe a slight bit of tightness when I wake up but that's it. No sleeping propped up, no strapping, unbelievable. Had my first appointment today, asked what I can and can't do as I feel absolutely fine, he said everything, just don't push through pain (obviously no running or gym workouts). I can even lift my babies! I have a 1 and 2 year old. Also had LED light therapy on my incisions, you get 3 treatments as part of the package. Go back in 2 weeks, couldn't be happier! If you haven't chosen a surgeon definitely go and see Dr Briggs, I did see 4 and felt he was the man for the job and he has certainly exceeded all expectations! Happy to answer any questions!
  14. I have textured and had my 1 week post op today. Surgeon said he would discuss scar massage at my next appointment in 2 weeks time.
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