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  1. Yes, It is through MIPS. I had mine done 7 weeks ago by Mr Damon Thomas. All the staff are lovely and Mr D did a great job. I also paid around $7200 plus another $350 for the first consult. Loving the results ☺️
  2. @BamBam still early days. I'm sure lefty will drop soon. They certainly look like a great size for you ? I feel like both sides are still sitting a little high for me. So frustrating but we need to be patient!
  3. Hi ladies, 4 weeks po today. Still a little tender down the side of the breasts and I get quite tight and sore after work but doing well. The worst part would have to be the sore sensitive nipples ( which are constantly on high beams) ! I went into bras n things yesterday to get measured 10E!! Im hoping they dont fluff anymore. Certainly wouldn't want them any bigger! Loving seeing everyone's progress! You are all looking great!
  4. I feel so bad for you @rachelcloud that sounds horrible! Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  5. Wow @Honeycakes looking great! You must be so happy!
  6. @BamBam I think it's best to wear compression socks until you are up and about. I took mine off start of day 4. @rachelcloud what bad luck with food poisoning! Hope you improve quickly!
  7. Good luck tomorrow @Yollie. Hope everything goes smoothly and you have a quick recovery ?
  8. I asked them @BamBam, and they looked at me like why would you do that! I think they were planning to check with Mr T but I never got a definate answer. I don't think that it is something they normally recommend. There was nothing about it on the post op instructions. I didn't ice at all and haven't had any issues. Up to you, or maybe you could call the after hours number and ask?
  9. Glad to hear you are both feeling well @BamBam @Dask ! Good luck for tomorrow @Nichola and @Kenzo!!
  10. Here is an update top pic is day 3, bottom pic is today day 6. Happy to see some changes. Best of luck @Dask hope the surgery goes well for you!
  11. @BamBam yay! So excited for you. And so lucky to have early admission!! Best of luck for a amooth surgery hoping you wake with no nausea and little discomfort. Can't wait to hear how you go ?
  12. @Soph132 i hope they sort it all out for you, and hopefully start to feel better quickly.
  13. @BamBam i ended up with 400cc. When Mr T came in to chat to me right before surgery he said they would be a great size. Not too big, not too small.
  14. I haven't had the "hot feeling" @Soph132 yes the tight feeling is normal. Mine still feel extremely tight at day 4. But I have only had panadol today. I washed my hair by myself this morning and been out to the shops with the family. Feeling tired and drained now though. Although I am feeling on the smaller Side at the moment I know it is still really tight, the nurse told me once they settle I will be a D cup. Can't wait for them to D & F, so impatient!!!! @BamBam I think they should be well proportioned. I think they may even end up being on the larger Side for my frame. What size did you guys decide on?
  15. Before and after pics below. Topless is day 2, bikini today day 3
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