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  1. I’m happy but notice differences in the shape I’m not sure if this is my doing or how they have just settled and if there is a way to rectify it but over all I am in love I feel so comfortable and proud of my body they have given me so much confidence!? how is everyone?
  2. yea like now one of my boobs are cone shaped now and the other is round, i contacted breast academy and they said you will see loads of changes so they're not to concerned but i still am, im gonna book an appointment to see them at my 6 months instead of sending photos
  3. I'm a little concerned last night I found like and indent where the implant wasn't filling my side boob, like I can feel my ribs but there's no implant filling where my side boob should be. My other boob is rounded and has side boob when I lay on my back. has anyone else had this?
  4. I HAVE BOOB GREED TOO! I went from a 10A/B to a 10D, one boob is noticeably bigger to me than the other, I wish i went a different size implant in the smaller one so they'd be more even! I want to go bigger i went a 345cc wish I went 375. I am still happy with them and feel way more confident and self love but I just cant help but wanting them bigger. I will be having kids in the next year or 2 so I don't see the point in going back under the knife before hand, i'll do it after having kids that may mean 10 years or so having size 10D boobs, I think they may end up being a C. My right is definitely a D cup but my left I think is a C which is a little frustrating but again only I can notice it. I feel amazing, i get the occasional random nipple pain sensation other than that nothing. How is everyone doing
  5. OMG how are you even doing push ups! Im so envious! I was told i had to wait 6 weeks po before i could get back into upper body! I feel amazing no pain slight discomfort at random times! But I am so happy, they feel apart of me which is awesome! (expect when the discomfort comes! Everyones po photos look amazing! Its crazy seeing how much they can change day to day! I wish I took a photo once i got home from the hospital, I dont have anything to compare it too. I can't wait till i can go back to gym, i wont be getting into basketball untill about the 3 month mark! I want to give them ample time to heal, plus i do play quite competitively in a high grade and tend to get knocked around a bit! Im glad everyone is on the road to a great recovery! I must say speaking with you all and having so many amazing women to connect with who have gone through such similar experiences as me has made this whole process much more relaxing and reassuring! So thank you everyone!
  6. Well im glad im not the only one feeling these kind of things. Its a very odd sensation though! Mine look fine too the movement is odd, maybe i am over doing it and need to let them settle a bit more
  7. Hi Everyone, Its great to read everyone's experiences! Sleeping is getting me down atm i'm not having any nights with solid sleeps, i've tried sleeping on my side but thats not working atm and i just wake up a little sore. I will tell you though when i get a shiver now my boobs shiver its the weirdest sensation ever but kinda cool! Tingly boobs who knew that was a thing! For those of you who are moving about freely now, are you having sensations of feeling like your implant is moving? That might sounds weird, i drive a manual car and come sometimes feel like my implants move, when i bend over it feels like they're falling off my chest, boobs do that i know haha just feels foreign! Trying to work out if what i am feeling is normal. I only have to stretch every hour but when in the shower and cleaning myself i give myself a little rub around the edges (ever so lightly). To help settle everything a bit more I hope everyone is well! everyones post of photos and experiences look and sound amazing, i am truly happy for you all! Next time round I do want to go bigger i think i will end up being a full C from a 10A this time. But i am still very happy! xx
  8. Ahaha yea i am the same, im like what is that stopping me! Haha Well kudo's to you that would be very freaky for me. I did vomit 5 times after the surgery just on that day though. How are you going with the itchyness! It drives me bonkers haha I'm thoroughly enjoying my showers as its the only time im free! haha im looking forward to not having to wear a bra with clothes
  9. @MelanieJaneMum Thats amazing! I was very much like you, not really any pain just discomfort. I worked out pretty quickly that plugging in your phone charger uses your chest muscles haha! I am happy that you're happy! I am still finding it hard to sleep on my back! I am very much a side and tummy sleeper! Very jealous of my boyfriend sleeping next to me so soundly! My sleep is still broken up and im back at work! Very lucky to have supportive people in all areas of my life =] @Rubix my goodness i would have freaked! who did you go through?
  10. @Nelly22 I feel great! Just trying to wrap my head around one stop being bigger than the other haha I'll get there @Kismet thank you ?
  11. The before and after photos look amazing! Here are mine☺️ you have to trust your surgeon they do all the measurements and assessments for a reason ? Atm I am struggling with remembering boobs are sisters not twins and won't look identical to one another, it's normals for them to be different. my left boobs is bigger wider with more side boob and perkier where my left is more narrow and smaller, only my boyfriend and myself notice it and everyone keeps reminding me it's normal! In a perfect world I'd want them to look like my left! Ehh! ? next time round I'll go bigger and maybe a different size in each to even them out a bit more i have little too no pain which I am forever grateful for I am a week and 3 days post op and am back at work! I feel great! i miss gym and basketball but a long way off till I can do both i am still very happy with my results so far! i look forward to following along in all your journeys ? Haha I was the same look down and think nothing's changed but now I actually fill out my bras and don't have 2 inches of padding filling them out instead! ?
  12. How is everyone doing? How's your recovery? I am happy with my results but already have booby greed 1 week post op! I am very lucky to have had little to no pain during my recovery (this could be all the drugs) i have good movement and am able to wash myself and get dressed etc i hope you're all well I look forward to hearing from you all
  13. I have a facetime app on Monday 29th May =]
  14. The 9th so excited!! Looking forward to summer
  15. SO BLOODY EXCITED! I have my surgery booked in for my boob job on the 9th June! Consult is the 8th and the check up is the 12th! Just wanting a few tips on post op care, what are your must haves? how long did it take for you to feel some what normal? if you're a tummy sleeper when were you able to sleep in that position? How long did it take before you could drive (i have a non power steering car)? And any other tips you feel like sharing, I am nervous but so excited! Thanks everyone for you kind words and helping me through talking to my family and helping me make this decision to do this for myself! xx
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