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  1. I don't think its to young i got mine done when i was 20 years old and although i have only had them for a year and a half i do not regret it at all. I didn't want to be living my 20s being self conscious and depressed about my body and i could afford the surgery at the time so i got it done and i feel heaps happier.
  2. I went to hunter plastic surgery Dr Moncrieff was my surgeon. I wont be able to afford to get them till at least next year so a bit of a wait cause I got them in 2012, but I think that I might feel not as guilty having another ba if I don't get them till 2015. when do you think you will be able to get yours redone?
  3. hey I am hoping for a revison one day to go bigger and I asked about it and they said that it will cost me about $6000-$7000 because im with a private health fund. I payed $12000 for my first ba. I am not to sure if it is just my surgeon who does it or not. I see you are in newcastle so am I, who was your surgeon?
  4. Hey I am 170cm and 56kg but i was 52kgs when I had my surgery and was a 10AA now i am a 10E but i dont look it at all my friends say i only look like a 10b. i have 345cc xhp teardrop and they do not look out of proportion at all even when i was 52kgs they were still in proportion although i would like them a bit bigger because i feel like my hips are still bigger then my boobs and i wanted them even. you can add me if you would like to look at my photos. how big were you thinking of going?
  5. Didn't look at the dates!! haha how did it all go??
  6. hey i am 170cm and was 52kg but now 55kg and i got 345cc xhp teardrop implants and i do not think they are to big for my body and no one has ever noticed they are fake or anything. the only big thing about them is the side projection the xhp because they stick out. I am measured a 10DD or 8E BUT everyone says 'omg they look like a B or a C max'. so I personally dont think the 320cc will be to big for you but I guess its whatever look you are going for goodluck!!!
  7. yeah i also went to a consult with him which was good and he also seemed really good and really nice but i felt more comfortable with Dr Moncrieff he seemed like he was up to date with knowledge im sure the other doctor was too but i just felt more confident with him. i went to a sydney consult and i was with the surgeon for about 5 minutes I felt like he didn't actually care about your opinions or what you wanted and just wanted your money..
  8. I don't no anything about those surgeries but I do no that he goes for the natural look if that helps. Do you no when your thinking of having it done?
  9. Hey yes I had a BA with Dr Moncrieff Novemer 2012. he is amazing and such a nice guy!! what do you plan on getting done?
  10. When i wrote this i thought everyone would reply back and say don't get them done and that i was being selfish... i was wrong lol. I will defiantly have a talk to him because im not doing it for other guys im doing it for myself and he should be happy for me. The more i think about it i realise how he must have some insecurities, but i also do too like i don't like it when he goes out to town because he cheated on me once 2 years ago but also I hate it when he looks at other girls mainly there boobs. Do you think that is normal for me to feel like that? cause i no i have my own issues but is this what other girls feel like or just me?
  11. oh woah, i never really thought it was insecurities or controlling but you guys do make sense i just thought it was kind of normal. I will try and talk to him about it because I don't want it to affect our relationship, he has anxiety so i think that might be contributing to it but i dont really no what anxiety is so not sure if its related at all.. thanks for your help girls. talking to everyone really makes you see things you might not see yourself.
  12. We have been together for 3 years and I don't want to cause any fights i hate conflict lol A few months ago there was a photo on Facebook with me and my friends in swimmers that my friend put up, i don't even have Facebook so i didn't no she put it up and he went crazy! he made her take it down and he said he wanted to break up with me over it and it wasn't even a bad photo! I just don't understand why he cares so much about it :S but thanks its good to hear what people would do in the same situation just not sure if i have enough courage to do it lol
  13. Hey girls I would like some advise i plan on having a redo and going from teardrop to round because i want more cleavage next year but my boyfriend doesnt agree, he hates it when people look at me and he gets angry and always tells me to pull my top up which i dont have my top down low at all i show no cleavage and he gets angry. the other night i was wearing a push up bra and i told him this is what i want my boobs to look like when i go to round implants and i asked if he would care and he said yes! and he told me not to do it. does anyone have any ideas on what i should do. should i not worry about going through with my second redo and not be 100% happy with myself or go through with it? Also does anyone have any advise on how to convince him im not going to show my boobs off and were really low tops. and he thinks its a waste of money.. which i dont. I dont want to cause any arguments with him so its hard
  14. Hey i am so sorry to hear my boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago for no reason and we have been together for 3 years but we are trying to work things out. and i was the same all my friends are in a relationship so i had no one to go to felt so alone. a good way to make heaps of new friends is go on a contiki tour my boss always tell me to go on one! she has made so many friends over the years and she met her husband on one. i no they are expensive especially when you have new boobs to pay for but maybe after your boobs think about it or something i think they let you make a few payments or something like that but it would be fun. he sounds like a d**khead, no one deserves to be put down all the time go out and have some fun with your new boobs! you just have to look on the positive sides that is what i am trying to do
  15. I am also interested in getting one. I never realised until i had my ba they were uneven, but i want to go bigger again i didnt realise it would be more noticable.. It sucks cause i cant wear singlets with no bras because you can notice they are not even. do you no how much it is?
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