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  1. @Soph132 I'm feeling a little bit the same!! These helped me a little from CosMediTour's site. Looking down from the top I feel like I'm not that much bigger but have to trust the transformation stage. Check these out for reference xx
  2. Hey @rachelcloud my boobie twin!!! I'm feeling good. I actually feel better when I'm walking around I think. I'm groggy too, it's the anesthetic & prob the disjointed sleep too. I ended up going a naturelle 360cc moderate profile round. So glad I upped it last minute coz they look smallish at the moment. I'm expecting them to get bigger tho as they settle in then d & f (hahaha I haven't used that saying yet. I'm a total booby now). X
  3. Surgery went well yesterday....girls tell ur anesthesiologist u to put something to help with nausea! I came out of general anesthetic better than ever before which was sooo good - the only thing I had was a case of the shakes but they gave me a lollipop & it pretty much went away. Just tight today & I can feel my boobs swelling. My arms hurt a little but only when I move them. I'm not in pain I'm just nervous to hurt myself coz I'm numb. @Soph132 just get peas & zip lock bags in case they split lol mine started dripping water all over me & maybe try the bigger bags coz I bought baby bags & their not big enough to cover my whole boob. I also got poppers & water bottles with a pop top coz my side table is in an awkward spot to reach back for a cup. Goodluck tomorrow!!!!!!! X
  4. Haha im so happy I'm not the only one @Ali_V ? Trust ur surgeon. That's why I changed too! ok girls I'm off to bed to lay flat on my stomach for the last time in who knows when. Sleeping sitting up/on my back is not something I'm looking forward to! Night.
  5. Omg I'm tomorrow too @Ali_V woooooooo! I had a last minute upgrade in size hahaha. Story of my life not making decisions until the final hour lol. I've gone to a 360cc mod profile round (was 345cc so not much bigger but I was scared about being too small...I'm also worried about being too big haha but hey we'll have to leave it up to the boob goddesses). I'm still in disbelief it's actually happening. Good luck Ali & @rachelcloud too thinking of my boobie twins! X
  6. Lol @rachelcloud I do thanks for asking & also the advice - it's my mum looking after me. I'll just tell her u said she has to make me food! She's only staying for a few days so was thinking for more after that too. I'm expecting the worst for recovery (but hoping for the best) so I'm trying to b prepared but all I have so far is an extra long iPad cord & 4 packets of peas haha. 2 more sleeeeeeeps!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Omg I knowwwwww!!!!!!!! I'm actually really excited & nervous. I went shopping to try to prepare food for the week then gave up when I realized my microwave is too high up & I prob won't be able to move my arms . I guess I'll just get take out lol. Maaaan I need some anxiety tablets. Got some Doterra lavender oil to try to help as a natural alternative. Right now I'm pretty pumped but having weird boob dreams & waking up thinking "Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiit" Hope today's girls had a smooth surgery & have an epic recovery!
  8. That'd be awesome @Wowbcscott xx omgggggggg thinking of u right now & hope U manage to get a bit of sleep! Goodluck tomorrow!
  9. Hahaha @Beautiful_Mind that's why I did thanks for the accept lol....& the offer. It's just so daunting not knowing what ur going to actually turn out with since everyone's bodies r so different. I'm trying not to base my 3D images on exact results bc I think the images look smaller than the result? From what I've heard anyways. PS. @Beautiful_Mind u have such great results!!!!!
  10. Goodluck girls going in tomorrow!! I'm 4 sleeps away & starting to doubt my size choice. I'm madly trying to find 345cc mod profile thru social media & google but not finding much with similar stats to me.
  11. Hey Girl, I'm booked for surgery on Thursday & having 2nd thoughts about my choice of size. Just wondering if anyone has similar stats or just examples of 345cc round preferably with a mod profile? I'm 172cm currently a 10b but wondering if I will regret not going a little bigger? Eeek x
  12. I don't think I've seen a lot on the mental health side of it. It's a good reminder to expect potential depression/anxiety. Thanks for sharing @Madsamuffin It's good to know it passes, I'm sure it must have been difficult to go thru at the time tho! Does anyone have tips for how to get through this? (My surgery's in 10days)
  13. @Babyj what happened?????!
  14. Thanks @BamBam! I didn't realize it had that affect. I definitely have no intentions of drinking apart from the one night of the wedding but might even reconsider & stick to Sprite lol. My body's too important & so is the money I've put into this. I'd hate to risk anything going wrong.
  15. What's the deal with drinking? I am 11 days away from surgery. R we ok to have a glass here & there? I have a wedding next sat (5 days before surgery) & thought I could have a couple on the night? It's going to be haaaaard not drinking more than that coz it's family lol. Are there rules around this? Wish I got a do's & don'ts list at my consult. ......omg I seriously only just took that in - 11 days till Surgery!! Eeeekk!!! & Yaaaaaaaaay!!!
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